Friday, March 5, 2010


wahoo, it's friday! that means the weekend is upon us. my main plan is to hang out with some dear friends and see alice in wonderland! i can't wait.

this week i am thankful for:
* accomplishing almost everything on my must-do list
* exercising every day for the second week in a row
* my very noisy next door neighbor moving out {she was sweet, but really quite noisy}
* being able to wear my skinny jeans for the first time in over a year... and after dinner no less!
* being one week closer to my spring break {LA here i come!}
* the office {and hearty, doubled-over-with-pain, stomach-flattening laughter}
* all of you and your sweet comments that i love reading every day!

Hope your weekend is full of happiness and adventure!

{one last fun, silly picture pre-bangs}


  1. Yay for all the happy things in your life. Happy weekend lady!

  2. omg the office... I used to be obsessed w/ it and I've kind of dropped off watching. I watched last night and omg hilarious! My fav. (well uncomfortable) part was when pam fed that other girl's baby! wow. hahahahah

    That is AWESOME on your 2 weeks of exercising every day, I want to do it. I dont' know what's stopping me... just me! You are an inspiration! I have ALWAYS wanted skinny jeans but felt like I'd look a hot mess. Getting some are my goal, I'm so excited for you that you got into yours again, yaya!

  3. Woop woop for skinnies! Happy Friday lady!

  4. yay for the weekend!!! TGIF! have fun and let us know how you like alice & wonderland. i hope to see it soon too.

  5. Happy Weekend, Kim!

    What a great feeling to accomplish (almost) everything on the to-do list, to exercise every day, to rock the skinny jeans, to laugh till you cry while watching Dwight beat the hell out of Jim & Pam's kitchen, to read the comments of lovely blogging friends...

  6. ohh i can not wait to see alice! i hope you love it!


  7. Every day?? Wow, can you send me some of that exercise mojo to me?

  8. cute....i love weekend recaps! sounds like yours was wonderful...and your photo is too cute!