sweet music

music is the true love of my life.
there isn't a moment of my day that isn't filled with the sweet sounds of music,
and when you love something, you want to share it with the world!

so i like to share playlists and showcase favorite musicians here on my blog from time to time.  you can find all of my posts with playlists here, or by clicking on the "music" category on the side bar.

favorite recommendations for a few other great online music sites:

1. kcrw: there are three things i enjoy about kcrw...
* morning eclectic {from 9a-12p pst}, which showcases awesome music & live performances by all sorts of amazing bands.
* eclectic 24, which is truly the definition of eclectic for an online radio station.
* free album previews, where you can listen to entire albums which have recently been released {it's great research to know if you want to buy it}.

2. wonderground radio: this is really a kids' station, but a kids' station for those with cool parents.  they do play a couple kids' songs each hour, but they also play a variety of hip indie music, oldies, and oldschool favorites from my high school days.  overall, it's just plain fun stuff!

3. grooveshark: this is the sight which i usually use for making my own playlists.  it's free, has a HUGE selection of music, and has a few radio stations which you can customize like pandora.  there have only been a few songs/bands that i haven't been able to find, but those were pretty obscure.  for the most part, this is my favorite place to put together a mix for whatever mood i'm in, or to create great background music for a party.  it's also another fun way to preview entire albums before you buy them.