Thursday, March 4, 2010

a very long post full of dreamy dresses

I'm just gonna be up front about this - this is my most flagrantly unabashed girly post ever. I can't help it. Spring is coming and I keep thinking about all the super cute dresses that are out there, just waiting to make a little home in my dream closet. Consider yourself warned.

Aren't they all so magical?!
[insert long dreamy sigh here]

{the vintage dresses are from Timeless Vixen and the rest are from ModCloth.


  1. I wish I could have ALL OF THOSE in my wardrobe. So pretty and girly and dreamy!

  2. i want to wear allllll of them. everyday. even to class. le sigh!

  3. yay for girly dresses! ahh, can't wait for spring! ;)

  4. ive been going gaga over anything pretty and summery lately. my body and mind is craving sun on my face and perfect little sun dresses to go along nicely. these are all adorable.
    p.s. your comment made me smile :) im glad im back in blogworld too. just took an itsy break there for a bit!
    oh and my verification word is dresse. so close to dresses. it knows .

  5. i want them all! i have a few dresses like that, love dresses *sigh*

    eleanor at

  6. Hmmm, now if I could just decide which one to wear to the Oscars, I'd be sure to go and sit right up front so all could admire my beauty and elegance! I think I like the pale green with the flowers the best, but they are all gorgeous!

  7. Love all of them, can't wait till summer. And can't wait till Saturday where I hopefully will win the lottery and buy all of them:)

  8. oh my gosh, these dresses are gorgeous! I love the classic styles, so elegant and feminine. I want them all!

  9. Ill take one of each, please!
    Thank you!