Tuesday, August 23, 2011

summer sips

last summer the mister and i experimented a lot with some sweet concoctions to serve at our wedding.  since we had a picnic wedding out in the sunshine, we wanted to be sure to provide a variety of refreshing, celebratory, and beautiful drinks.  here are a couple of the recipes we came up with.  please note that these recipes are to make several pitchers at a time, perfect for sharing at your next gathering.


~ K+D's summer wedding drinks ~

passion tea lemonade
+ tazo passion tea
+ lemonade 
+ sugar

1. brew 8 cups passion tea {using 7-8 tea bags} for about 3-5 minutes {as you usually would with tea}.
2. remove tea bags and set aside to cool.
3. mix in 16 cups lemonade.
4. add 1 Tbsp sugar and stir.
5. refrigerate until cold & enjoy!

for two servings, brew 1 mug of tea w/ one tea bag for a few minutes. remove bag and split into two glasses of lemonade. refrigerate until cold. {the ratio is 2:1 lemonade to tea, plus a bit of sugar to taste.}


ginger limeade  
+ 2-3 whole ginger roots
+ limeade
+ sugar

1. cut off all the branches of your ginger and line up until you have about 12" of ginger end to end.
2. slice all 12" of ginger and add it to a pot of 11 cups of water.
3. steep for about an hour, until the water has simmered down to about 9-10 cups.
4. remove from heat and mix in 1/3 cup sugar until dissolved.
5. add 5 cups of limeade for every 3 cups of ginger tea/sugar mix. 
6. refrigerate until cold and enjoy!

for single servings, follow the ratio 5:3 limeade to ginger brew tea, plus a bit of sugar to taste.


oh so good!
and we all have that fabulous mister of
mine to thank for coming up with these blends.  yum!!!


  1. The ginger limeade sounds fantastic. And seriously... all drinks need to be served with Bell Mazon jars and a copy of Sylvia Plath Bell Jar.

  2. YUM!!! Ginger limeade sounds absolutely fantastic. I may have actually drooled a little.

  3. Thank you for this! I'm gonna copy-paste this and mark the note K+D yummy sip for future reference . ;)

  4. Mmmmmm, I know what I'm doing this weekend! Mixing up some tasty summer drinks, to celebrate the last weekend of August...

  5. passion teas lemonade is one of my favorite Starbucks treats. so glad to have a recipe to make it. thanks.

  6. Thanks Kim! You're just sharing tons of wonderful drink concoctions. :) Hoping to make that sangria this week.

  7. those are perfect for the intense miami heat... ha!!!

  8. Looks refreshing and delicious. Ginger is really good for you too!


  9. Ooooooh, these sound like the perfect cocktails for the summer time :) Thanks for sharing the recipes!

  10. How fun is this!?! We are hosting a wedding shower in a couple weeks and I'm going to try these out. Thanks!

  11. These both sound SO good! A perfect way to celebrate summer.



  12. Passion Tea Lemonade is one of my favorite drinks from Starbucks! Now, I know how to make it at home! Yeah! :)