Monday, August 22, 2011

good deeds ~ milk & bookies {giving up my birthday}

remember when i shared the "good deeds" post on paul rudd giving up his birthday to a charity and encouraging others to do the same? i found that completely inspiring, and since this thursday is my birthday, i've decided to ask my friends to give children's books, instead of gifts, which i will donate to milk & bookies.  

milk and bookies is an organization that teaches kids the beautiful act of giving by collecting books and donating them to other children who don't have access to books in your home town.  it's a really beautiful way to impact your own community and teach the joy of giving.  i love this adorable video explaining how important it is that children get books.  as a former teacher i've read all the research that links childhood reading {including reading to children} and later life successes.  providing books and stories to kids is absolutely vital.

if you are in the LA area i would love to see you this thursday as i celebrate my final birthday of my 20's!!  that's right, i'm not a kid nor do i have any, but i am a lover of my inner child.  as adults i think it's extremely important to experience the act of giving to others.  if we think it's a valuable lesson to teach children, then we should certainly be living this out as grown-ups as well.  
i'll be at alcove bakery between 7:30-10:00p on august 25th.
stop by if you can to:  
- give me a birthday high-five,
- grab one of alcove's famous desserts or hot chocolates, 
- drop off a book for a needy child.  

if you're not in the LA area i highly encourage you to:
- donate books directly to milk & bookies,
- donate books to a library, school, or other agency in your area,
- throw your own milk & bookies party to collect children's books!
{if this idea sparks an interest in you, i recommend contacting a local bookstore to team up with.  they can help you advertise to the larger community and provide the space for fun activities.  you could do a book reading with one of the donated books, offer free milk & cookies to everyone who donates, and provide cute bookplates where the donators can leave a message for the child who will read it.}

ps - erin!! you should especially check this video out.  ;)


  1. I love this cause. It's near and dear to my heart, being a children's librarian and all. I wonder if I can throw my own party here in Canada for Milk and Bookies? Hmmm. Must look into that. It would be an awesome way to kick off the new school year!

    If I were anywhere near L.A., I would most definitely be there to give you a birthday high-five and perhaps we could have a wee birthday dance party? Sigh. I wish I could!


  2. Okay, so at first I missed the little PS at the bottom of the page that you directed at me! But on second glance, I saw it, watched the video and DIED when I saw Josh Holloway {swooooon!} reading aloud to those kids. I am now even more in love with him than ever! Is that even possible? Yes. Yes, it is.

    I wonder if he'd come to my book party in the school library? :)

  3. greate gesture on your part for your bday...and so glad you posted this...i've been wanting to do this for one of the mini's bday help them learn to share a and donate. will definitely be looking into this.

  4. I'm not in the LA area but this definitely inspired me more. :) You know, i used to buy children story books and save it all in a box and send it to our local institution that hosts this kind of activity. Thank you for reminding me about this. I got busy and didn't able to continue book-giving.

    I wish you a fun big day Kim! Stay beautiful in and out! ;)

  5. Kim, you're the sweetest. This is an incredible cause, and I'm definitely going to look into collecting some books in my area. And I'm donating one in honor of your birthday (you're still getting a regular gift too though). I have to say, since being home, I haven't been able to do much with volunteering and I realized how much I miss it. I'm looking for opportunities in my area as I type this. Happy Monday, gorgeous!

  6. This is so sweet! The video is so well done, and good on you for giving up your birthday! Happy Birthday in advance!

    Belly B :)

  7. What an awesome charity! And it's very cool of you to give up your birthday (and at such short notice). I need to see if there are any similar charities going on in my area--I'd love to donate, but I'd really love to volunteer. That's the sort of thing that's just as close to my heart as it is to my research interests.

  8. Aww, Kim, that's so sweet :) That's such a great charity - I love that idea!! And I will try my absolute best to make it out to LA this Thursday!! My sis is coming into town (and my schedule usually gets crazy when she does), but I'll do my absolute best to slip away and bring you a book and a big birthday hug :)

    (Besides, it'd be so great to see you again!! :)

  9. such a great idea! and i love paul rudd. He is so funny.

    When I was in elementary school at one of my birthday parties I collected money (mostly change considering my friends were all under the age of ten) for the local animal shelter.

    It was probably no more than $5, but hey it's the thought that counts :)

  10. Ah! Such a wonderful birthday idea!!! I so wish I were the in LA area to give you a high five, a hug, and drop off some books. So fun and thoughtful.

  11. This a wonderful cause, Kim: kudos to you for spreading the word. I've been involved in similar events here in NYC and it's always so fulfilling. Children's books and early literature are obviously one of my makes me happy to hear others supporting the cause.

  12. What a great, worthy cause this is. I couldn't agree more re: the importance of books in a child's life. Thanks for spreading the word! XOXO

  13. this is such a great idea and such a fab thing!!! and happy almost birthday!

    i have seen the desserts in the alcove's bakery, and i have yet to try them. perhaps the time will be august 25th. GULP.

  14. What a fabulous organization! I was SUCH A huge bookworm growing up, and I just can't imagine kids not having access to the wonderful world of books. Wish I was in LA to celebrate your birthday, but I'll be sending virtual high fives from NYC :-)

  15. This is such a great idea!

    I donated all the books from when I was a kid to the local school when I moved out of home.

  16. What an awesome way to spend a birthday! Plus, it fits with your Friday gratitude note - making a positive impact on others. I am seeing a wonderful thread running throuugh your life. ;)

  17. Oh my gosh this is all sorts of awesome. What a great thing to support and give up your birthday for.

  18. this is so awesome.
    YOU'RE awesome.
    this makes me smile.


  19. What an awesome organization! I'd never heard about it before, but I already love it! Teaching children to give & read.. amazing! Two extremely important things. I recently read that (I think it was...) over half of the people on facebook state somewhere on their profile that they "hate to read".. so heartbreaking and how's that even possible?! Very wonderful of you to support such a noble and important org/cause, Kim.. and on your birthday!

    P.S. LOVED that video.. too cool!

  20. Happy Birthday! That's some good karma headed your way lady :) I love the idea of Milk and Bookies and want to share with them!
    Have a great celebration!

  21. Great idea!! I hope you have a marvelous birthday. I will spread the karma this way and donate a few books to the library.

  22. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! All of us at Milk + Bookies Headquaters are thrilled that you have shared our program with your awesome and generous readers!

    Milk + Bookies is INTERNATIONAL, we help hosts all over. We can help you find recipients in your area, get you the cute bookplates, balloons and "I DONATED!" stickers mentioned in the video and support you in any way you need. We also have adorable emailable invites at


  23. Oooh this is a great cause! wish i were in LA to come say happy b-day... but i hope you have a lovely day :)

  24. Has any ever told you that you're a wonderful person? I'm sure they have, and often too, but I wanted to tell you as well :p

    Happy birthday and I hope you have a wonderful wonderful day!!! xoxo