Wednesday, August 24, 2011


around this time of year {being the day before my birthday that is} i stop to think about my life.  

here are a few of the highlights:

* learning to do the moonwalk from my 16 year old sister when i was 6.
* living with a bunch of friends in a giant haunted house without adults in my teen years. 
* surviving multiple tornados, earthquakes, and getting struck by lightning.
* having an up-close encounter with a black bear in the wild whilst backpacking.
* every single amazing concert i went to.
* getting my first tattoo.

{i love how dannon's art vest matched my shoulder tattoo.}

* sneaking away from my class to explore on my own during our senior class trip to NY city.
* watching a meteor shower from a mesa in the middle of the grand canyon.
* almost dying on the edge of a cliff in the grand canyon.
* riding in the back of a police car all the way to the jail cell {yup}.
* the four times i ventured out in public in my underwear {just another tuesday in SF}.

{oh you know, just me and some friends waiting for the BART in our undies.}

* stopping a kid from committing suicide.
* getting into a fist fight with some guy who was rudely hitting on me... and winning {be proud dad!}.
* the night i bought my one-way ticket to san francisco.
* totally starting life over from scratch in san francisco as an independent woman.
* taking care of the elephants!

yeah, there have been extremely high highs and extremely low lows
and even extremely mediocre mediocres, but all in all, it's been an amazing past 29 years!


  1. What a fantastic list! Here's to many more adventures in the next 29 years... and beyond!

  2. woohoo !! a very happy birthday to u dear !!
    thanks for being such an incredible friend, thanks for your time & energy in sharing your stories, thanks for your encouragement & support to all of us here..
    i wish we live nearer kim.. :)

    enjoy you special day and update us on your milk + bookies good deeds. XOXO

  3. that's my advance birthday wish for you kim! :) hehe

  4. Happy birthday... I would love to hear that story about driving in the back of a policecar:)

  5. wow such amazing and varied experiences... have a truly wonderful birthday lovely lady x

  6. You have your Well filled ;) enough with striking moments. Can't imagine what you'll come up with in the next 29 ;).
    Looking forward to witness them. You are great person to hang with.

    Happy Birthday Kim. May your day be filled with Love, Laughter and Life! As you are...

  7. everyone comes from somewhere and it seems like your somewhere is a great place
    may the next 29 years be just as rewarding

  8. I love lists like this. These moments, all combined, make for an amazing life. Looks like a wonderful list and I hope you have many more years to come of this!

  9. it sounds like an amazing 29 years. you've such an inspiring soul, I hope you have many more amazing experiences and years to come.

  10. Wow, you've had an amazing life!

    You were struck my lightening??

    You need to tell us more about a few of these!

  11. I really hope you tell a few more of these stories sometime! It sounds like you've had a whole lot of adventures in the last twenty-nine years!

  12. Wow, Kim - what an amazing life you've had so far! :) It's so great to stop and reflect on the wonderful things that you've accomplished/done in life every time your birthday rolls around! You should tell these stories on your blog! :)

  13. I love how you love life, Kim. You're inspiring. And I really hope my card gets to you in time!

    Happy Birthday Eve!

  14. wow - you really have had some cool and crazy experiences. I'm really, really, really jealous of a few in particular.

    -taking care of elephants!!
    -One way ticket to san fran
    -and my moon walk has yet to be mastered.

    Happy eve of your birthday!!

  15. You must have so many amazing stories to tell! This is an impressive list, and I have a feeling you've only just skimmed the surface of your many adventures. Happy almost birthday friend :)

  16. Loved reading inspires me to do more spontaneous things so I can look back and smile also.

  17. What the?! You need to write a book about this crazy adventurous life. Incredible!

    And I think you need to tell us all about these things- I mean, a cop ride? I want to know!

  18. Wow!! Sounds like you have had some pretty crazy and fun adventures!! I want to hear more about a few of these....getting arrested and being struck by lightning to name a couple. =)

    Happy (early) 29th birthday!! I hope it's one for the list!

  19. I loved reading this! Happy happy birthday, tomorrow!

  20. I love this list so much! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  21. You have had an amazing ride so far sweet Kim, and I bet you the ride keeps going :) Well done you for being such a lovely and grounded person - (and slightly nutty in the best possible way) Happy 29th tomorrow...

  22. Okay you are SUPER COOL. Totally my new idol.

    Belly B :)

  23. Today is your birthday in Australia (ahhh, living in the future). So happy birthday!

    And my oh my are those some life experiences!!

  24. Happy almost birthday! I hope many many books are donated in honor of your non-birthday. <33 You're such an inspiration, Miss Kim.

  25. My goodness, you've had quite the adventurous life!! Thank you for sharing it with us! :)

  26. You have lived a very exciting life... and I love all of these pictures--the one of you all in your undies is classic. SO FUN! Also, I want to hear this jail story...

  27. You are an incredible person and it's no surprise you've lived an incredible life. I can't believe you were struck by lighting! And can we please set up a video chat soon? I want to hear more about this haunted house.

  28. What an amazing 29 years! The best is yet to come! :).

    You're awesome!