Tuesday, August 2, 2011

august intentions ~ yippeeee!

each month i come up with a new set of goals or intentions, which is my own alternative to a new year's resolution. i mean really, who sticks with their new year's goals throughout the entire year?! okay, some of you are great at that, but not me.  my needs change from month to month, so i like the flexibility to adapt to those changes.  i skipped last month, giving myself a break from any new goals while i got settled into my jobs.

but it's a new month!
and the month of august is a pretty special one because it's my birthday month!!  i'll be turning 29, which technically means i'm beginning my 30th year of life.  august also means it's been an entire year since i finished grad school and moved to LA with the mister.  this time last year we were unpacking boxes while simultaneously planning our wedding {we planned the whole thing in just one month}.  yup august was a pretty crazy month last year, and it's amazing to see how far we've come.

so my goal for the very special month of august is simple
but incredibly important -- to have a whole bunch of fun!!
that's right, after a full year of overwhelming stress i'm going to enjoy life with all my heart.  

i will...
* carve out time to do fun things each week
{i will have 3 days a week when i'm not working, so NOT work is just what i'll do}.
* say yes to random fun opportunities that present themselves.
* sing, dance, & play the ukulele.
* get out in nature on some hikes.
* eat way more gelato.
* check off some of my summer goals, like attending more summer concerts,
visit the tim burton exhibit, & have a picnic at the hollywood bowl.

do you have any goals for august?


UPDATE: found that online magazine, thanks to a very helpful reader.  phew!  a few weeks ago one of you posted on your blog about an amazing online magazine devoted to food.  it wasn't just any old food magazine though, it was more focused on making connections with other people and sharing food-related experiences.  it was also gorgeous!  i can't find it anymore, and i can't remember which of your blogs i discovered it on.  i've tried googling all sorts of things to find it, but with no luck.  if you know what i'm talking about, or have some ideas of what i might be thinking of, please leave me the name/link in the comments.  thanks you guys!


  1. I love the idea of setting goals for months! It makes so much more sense and it's much more likely to work out :) And I love how your list includes eating more gelato and singing and dancing!

    Belly B :)

  2. Sounds like you finally will have a little time to relax this month:)

  3. These are some fun goals! I have a big decision to make and I feel like I should do it this month. We'll see!

  4. are you talking about kinfolk? http://www.kinfolkmag.com/

  5. what a great idea it is to make mini-goals each month! I might steal it from you ;)

  6. I love that you do goals- it prevents complacency in life, doesn't it? Definitely the quickest way to fill up your life.
    That blog? I have no idea! Sorry. I'll be on the lookout though.

  7. allispin -- YES!! kinfolk, that's it! oh thank you so much. you have no idea how long i was searching. thank you, thank you. :)

  8. August intentions...LOVE them! They are like mini-me new year's resolutions. I can handle mini-me thinking. Yearlong thinking hurts my mind. Your concept makes me smile. Thanks for sharing!

  9. i have to goals... find a job and stay cool because it's really hot down here... regarding both of these i'm very positive because i know they're going to happen! knowing you i know you'll have a blast this month!

  10. First of all --- you surprised me! You don't look turning 29. Seriously! I thought you're just around 24.

    My goal this August: to draw more and figure out where I am heading and how to get there. With more positivity! :)

    About your proposed plan -- YES! I would be so honored! I'm glad that in some ways, people are touched by my art. For me, that's already a start of something remarkable to come. How I wish you're my neighbor, too. You inspire me. Your blog is a constant read, the optimism gives the grey day a smile. I will practice harder and improve my art, so that one of these days, i can send you something really nice to display in your office, hahah!

    Your August sounds so fun! :D And you deserved a lovely birth month. God bless you & your Mister. You're turning 29 so gracefully. Cheers to that Kim! ;)

  11. I knew you were talking about Kinfolk the second I read "food" and "sharing experiences." Glad you rediscovered it (so lovely, isn't it?)

  12. great goals! my goals? hm...probably finish a book. i'm not very keen on reading. :/ great blog! it's so cute!

    love, rach.

  13. August is my birthday month too! And my biggest question is why is our birthstone peridot?

    I love you goals! And I am so glad you found the magazine, phew!

  14. i would love to have three days to NOT work! i'm hoping to be the best mom i can be this month in helping mini-he adjust to preschool.


  15. I love this idea, too. And am extremely impressed that you planned your wedding in just one month! GO YOU!!!

    I don't have any goals for August per se, but I will have to think of a few. Because the time goes by so quickly, especially in the months that fall around this time of year. I don't want to let the fleeting days of summer pass me by. And maybe more gelato, too :)

  16. If you find out what that magazine is, would you PLEASE let me know?

    And I'm sure it'll be quite easy to eat more gelato with the new Pazzo Gelato location open in Echo Park. I so wish I were there with you. And I love all the August intentions. I'm working on making my list right now too.

  17. This is a great idea. I was never any good at sticking to resolutions for a whole year, so I just started assigning one word to each year. This year's is productivity . . . and I'd give myself a solid B. Gotta kick it up a notch in the last quarter of the year!

    When's your bday? Mine's August 16th and I will be 30. I'm in denial and a little terrified.

  18. Great list, Kim! I hope you do all of it and many, many times! I can't believe you planned your wedding in one month.. you're an inspiration! :)