Tuesday, June 21, 2011

summer time!

hooray it's summer! of course, if you live in california you might not have known it.  san francisco was always freezing during the summer, so i was over the moon thinking about all the dresses and tank tops i could wear through my first LA summer.  i did not, however, account for the june gloom {hello dark & gloomy wintery weather}.  i guess i can be patient until july.  in the meantime, i'm cooking up some great summer plans for the next couple months:

1. land a therapy internship.
2. take a sign language class.
3. do some remodeling on the ole blog.
4. enjoy a picnic concert at the hollywood bowl.
5. take a road trip {seattle, monterey, and san diego are all possibilities}.
6. grow something(s) in the tiny plot of dirt in our courtyard.
7. visit the tim burton exhibit at the lacma.
8.  begin a chanting/meditation practice {i have been reading all the benefits of chanting lately, which are amazing - increased memory functioning, decrease in stress & anxiety, and overall improvement in health}.
9. read a book entirely for fun {like water for elephants, mindy kaling's book, or infinite jest maybe?}.
10. enjoy water - the beach, pools, sprinklers - anything i can find on the hot sunny days! 

{ah, sweet summer - flip flops, the beach, gelato - together again at last!}

what are some of your summer plans?


  1. I adore that photo of you! I have so many plans my head is about to explode. In a good way. haha... if there is a good way for your head to explode.

    ps... so glad your man is back! yay!

  2. A road trip sounds like fun. I went on a trip once from L.A. to Seattle... I only had two pairs of long pants with me, because I foolishly thought California would be nice and sunny... but I had a great time anyways!

  3. Oh, I'm so jealous of you getting to see the Tim Burton exhibition!

  4. That dress is really pretty! Do you already meditate? I definitely recommend it.

    Road trips are fun! I am currently planning mine...yay summer!


  5. I definitely want to see Tim Burton's exhibit at LACMA too!! I have a few trips in the works over the summer, but in between, I'm planning on lots of time outdoors, al fresco meals, swimming, going to the beach all the time, bbqs...:) Oh, how I love summertime :)

    P.S. Water for Elephants is good. And you love elephants! :) Read it!

  6. I can't wait to read Mindy's book! She's a funny lady.

    I'm hoping the weather is nice this weekend for our road trip. I want sun dress and skirt weather, not this windy, rainy crap! :)

  7. Yay these sound like great plans! My biggest one is to go to the drive in. It's a MUST!

  8. Maybe you should add one to your list of summer plans and go with me on this road trip for a bit yes? Anyways, I'm so excited to see you today! And I'm sure that if anyone can accomplish everything on their summer list, it would be you.

  9. oh my gosh.. I love that photo of you! =)

    BBQs, Concerts, a wedding, a long weekend trip to LA next month, a family get together in Downieville, CA, and ending it in Vegas for my 25th birthday! ahh! =)

  10. The tim burton exhibit would be really interesting! I have some picnics planned too :)

  11. lovely plans.
    My one big plan is to find a job/new apt. Currently, I am planning to move in with a good friend of mine. Such a kind girl.
    I also want to do some reading and painting. Chanting is one of my favorite relaxation things to do. I love it. Speaks right to the heart. I should probably do some tonight.
    Oh Kim, I can't tell you how much your comment meant to the yesterday. I am going through a really rough time and I so happy to receive your blessings and ideas. Like you said..eventually it will happen but it is hard when bills are due. I just am going to take it one day at time. I am also looking into those social programs.
    peace and love,

  12. Depends on where you are in California, ha! It was 85 degrees here by 10 in the morning :(

  13. Aw, such cute photos!
    I'm looking forward to a camping trip, a roadtrip to Seattle, drinking lots of lemonade and taking in the sun (if it ever comes back to Vancouver!). Happy Summer!

  14. Those are lots of great ideas. It's funny for me to think about it just being summer. It's felt like summer to me for nearly two months (and I'm SO glad because winter was so long this year).

    I spend all summer waiting to go to the beach (in August) and I sometimes end up forgetting about my other hopes. Keeping my fingers crossed this year though!

    I love those photos, they are very summery indeed!

  15. good luck with landing the internship, and revamping the blog!

    My summer plans are all in July, and mostly include small excursions. But I'm excited nonetheless :)

  16. that picture of you is so cute! heart it. I too made a summer plans list, but mine was a less ambitious (haha like eat more fruit) have a wonderful summer Kim!

  17. You're SO pretty, Kim!

    I don't know that we really have so many plans. I want to try camping with both girls, and we're going to the beach. Other than that... I think we're just going to love the sun, while it's here.

  18. That's some list of things to accomplish! I love those photos. : ) I had no idea you'd experience the same type of weird "summer" weather as I do on the other side of the world, ha!

    If you find out any interesting things while/about meditation, please fill me in!!

  19. Great list! I would love to learn more about the chanting/meditation practice! Sounds wonderful. Also, I LOOOOVED Water for Elephants (and the movie!). Infinite Jest is also on my list.

    YAY for summer! Not sure what I'm up to this year just yet, but I'm sure there will be plenty of concerts and outdoor activities and whatever fun NYC events I happen to stumble upon :)

  20. I'm getting so anxious because I feel like summer is going to fly by! Ahhh, must savor every day.

  21. I love summer with beach =). Can I ask you what apps do you use for your picture. I lovee it..

  22. I adore sign language! I'm actually in the process of trying to teach myself via the internet and my endless sign language books! Good luck to you! :).

    Growing something is so rewarding and such an amazing experience. It's almost as if you gave the little "seed" a life to live! Or maybe that's just how I think?

  23. Summer plans? eat gelato, lots and lots..spend all my free time with my 3 year old, pick up my Croatian language book and continue taking lots of photos.

    Happy 4th!