Tuesday, July 12, 2011

cold hard life facts

sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, you're going to accidentally drop a mattress on them or light them on fire.  if you're lucky, they'll have nine lives and will survive your atrocious skills as a mother.

  at some point you're probably going to forget the name of someone you know really really well.  this will likely happen at the most embarrassing moment possible.  be prepared.

one day you'll be old enough to realize how cruel you were as a kid, and you'll wish you could go back to apologize and give your victims a hug {i like to think that if it's not possible to find those people as adults, the universe gives them a karmic hug on your behalf - it's never too late!}.

you know that thing you put in your bag before leaving the house and then decided you wouldn't need it so you put it back at the last minute?  yeah, you're definitely going to need that.

skirts are not guaranteed to remain close to your body like pants and shorts do.
choose your underpants accordingly.

one day you too will be an adult and feel exactly like this:

funny because it's true.
{see more of lev's awesomeness here.}


  1. I do wear my undergarments accordingly :) and have learned that we hurt the ones we love the most. Thankfully, genuine apologies make the world, and especially home, a better place.

  2. I absolutely love the little cartoon - he is brill. And your posts Kim, always make me think - yes I have forgotten someones name (often in fact, people might call me scatty) undergarments - yep, know that one as well.- and yes there were cruel episodes as a kid - SORRY- and I am now trying to teach my girls, to be kind to others.- it pays back tenfolds.
    Have a great day sweetie,
    A xx

  3. i love this post and the cartoon. so funny xo happy tuesday kim :)

  4. Ha! Did you just quote a Liz Lemon? Hilarious! Oh man, let's talk about forgetting names. Actually, let's not.

  5. What a great post Kim. :) I think it's a good reminder to do the world good. I haven't decided if I believe in karma or not but I'd certainly like to. In fact I saw a simple bracelet the other day that represented karma and nearly bought it. It's good to do good.

    I love your skirt line. I could really learn a thing or two about that. No problems yet, but yesterday I wore a skirt while walking around outside for an hour and if that thing would have blown up there'd have been trouble. Perhaps I should think more about making decisions accordingly. Hah!

    Thanks for a smile in the morning. Yesterday (on that same walk) I was actually with a photographer from the local newspaper. I thought to myself "What an awesome job!" . She's getting paid to take photos but no worries about those high stress weddings. I could never ask for money from friends to take engagement, portrait, or wedding sessions (I'm also not good enough for that) but for a newspaper - well that'd just be fun!

    It makes me wonder why I don't do that for my job... but I start thinking it's impossible. Or heck! I wish I could read for a living....

    Ok, I'm on a rant now. I'll just end here. Maybe I'll post about this soon, I'm certainly thinking a lot now.

  6. This is hilarious. And so true! I hate when I forget people's names... I feel like such a jerk!

    And I'd love for you to feature my tattoo! Thanks lady! :)

  7. I'm trying to giggle very quietly at work right now - too hilarious!

  8. ahhh, yes forgetting people's names. Or worse, realising that you didn't know them at all? Eep.

  9. i always try to wear nice undies in case i ever get into an accident and the paramedics/docs have to cut my shirt/pants/dress open, haha. cute post...i can relate to ALL!


  10. Hahaha oh wow, this is all so true! I forgot the name of girl I was friends with for 6 months...she even came to my wedding! Total mind blank :s

  11. Love the post, nice cartoon, so funny


  12. I always do need that I decide to leave behind. Like an umbrella this morning (seriously, it was drizzling).
    Or you can wear tights with the dress/skirt...or well, maybe in L.A. weather you can't. Lucky you.

  13. Very, very true... and also hilarious :) I get so embarrassed when I forget names; especially ones that I have called out hundreds of times before. What's up with that?! Thanks for sharing!