Thursday, June 23, 2011

playing hooky.

i won't be around today.
no i'm not working,
no i'm not traveling,
nope, i'm not even shopping {sigh...}.

today i will be finally going on a date with my husband.
it's amazing how long it's been since we went on a date, or even saw each other for that matter.  
for the past couple of weeks he has been off in north carolina visiting family and working on a remodeling job.  he came back monday, but we've only barely seen each other in passing thanks to long working hours and band practice.  

so today, we are taking the day off of everything in life and spending it together.
a walk, a movie, maybe some ice cream? who knows!
we'll just do as our little in-love hearts please.

it got me thinking, there's got to be a better way to sneak in some one-on-one time with the people you love on a regular basis, without playing hooky for a whole day.  i have a couple favorite friends here that i haven't seen in weeks thanks to my crazy new schedule, and i want to change that stat!

so have any advice? tips? secrets? to keeping up with loved ones when 
life zooms on at a millions miles an hour?


  1. Have an amazing time together! You deserve it.

    I've been catching up with friends like crazy and it's so good but I'm getting a little burnt out. It's a balance I have yet to master.

  2. Such a sweet photo! Hope you have a great time! When life gets hectic, I like to wake up a little earlier and make a special breakfast for my fiance and I to share. That way we can catch up before the chaos :)

  3. since i have minis, it's REALLY hard to get away, but i try to meet up with friends during my lunch break for a quick bite, or i'll try to get done early so i can sneak a quick drink with them after work!

    hope you had a GREAT date night!

  4. i love that photo, have a fab time today xxxx

  5. Aw. Good for you! My husband and I are really bad at finding times for ourselves - just us two - so we really should work on it, too.

    I hope you have a blast!

  6. Have a great time today. No tips for you...I feel in the same boat. Never time to see everyone I want to see :(

  7. that's sound so fun. I know what you mean though about finding time to just hang. Everyone's schedule these days is crazy. I find that doing low pressure{come and go as you please} things are good. If all else fails potlucks are super fun and seem to bring out people for a few hours.

  8. I have no idea... these days I feel as though I am pulled in a million directions! I sometimes manage to sneak in a coffee with a friend after work, before I pick up the kids... But as for a date with my husband? It's been so long I can't remember when! {no actually, we did have our night out at our friends' wedding a few weeks ago! and that was lovely}

    Hope you and Dannon have the most marvellous day together!!!

  9. I hope you guys have a great day!

    Life is crazy and sometimes time gets the best of us. I like to try and meet up for coffee or dinner with a friends at least twice a month.

  10. Aw, I'm glad you get to play hooky for today to enjoy each other! That's definitely a problem. Those first four weeks of grad school I was feeling this way. Of course, it's not as drastic as NC by any stretch of the imagination, but Noah had started his summer job and I was in grad school and the only time we saw each other was the hour before we fell asleep. I haven't stopped appreciating that we live together yet because if we didn't I wouldn't have seen him at all.

    Advice? Nothing you don't know I'm sure but my first thought is make a big deal about the small things!
    Just this morning, Noah walked out and took my then-empty coffee cup and filled it up, added creamer, and brought it back to me full (while wearing only sweatpants) and I thought that act was the sweetest thing!

    Yeah... the little things. It's not the same as spending quality time with each other but just letting each other know you're thinking of one another means a lot. Leave notes hidden for him to find, make breakfast before work, send pictures/texts to each other throughout the day.... Wish there was more to say but I think its generally just making the best of waiting it out.

  11. So happy for you! Enjoy your time together- savor it up! xo

  12. Whenever I take a day off I do something simple but fun, in the community, and I end up so refreshed and ready to go back to work! Enjoy!

  13. Great idea - I love just being together, hanging out, going for a walk, perhaps a drink, dvd at home and just chilling, AHH bliss. Have a lovely day together.
    A xox and enjoy

  14. Awww I love the idea of planning a date night! Have a wonderful time with your lovebug - ice cream should most definitely be involved :-)

  15. I have a dear friend who lives three blocks away, and I haven't seen her in two months!!

    Lately I've been thinking the only answer to keeping in touch when time is scarce is to go with the ol' "quality, not quantity". Making big plans can seem daunting when my life is jam packed, but meeting for a quick coffee can be energizing (not just from the caffeine). So, maybe the answer is shorter, but more frequent get-togethers. That being said, let me know when you have time for a quick Pazzo outing. ;)

    Enjoy your date today!!

  16. p.s. Just reread my comment, and want to clarify that the quality of a short coffee date every couple of weeks vs. the quantity of more time spent hanging out for a big event once every few months is what I was trying to get at. :)

  17. Aw that sounds fun. I need a date night!

  18. Aww, enjoy your sweet date!

    To stay in touch with friends, I've found that having a regular "thing" (like Wednesday dinners) with a handful of folks. Usually at least a few are able to make it each week and catch up!

  19. Aww have an amazing day!! How wonderful :) I wish I could give you tips but I'm struggling with this at the moment too..if only there were an extra 10 hours in the day!

  20. it is so hard to find time for everything, I agree 100%. My way of dealing with an overflowing schedule and only a week to put it all into it is having set days for my favorite highest priorities. Example: I go to my grandparents thursdays and sundays and we all plan on it. My grandma and I play cards and chat and it is the highlight of my week.
    Taking advantage of a moment is grand. I found myself in the perfect position today to play hookie for a couple hours this afternoon. A fun motorcycle ride up a canyon to escape the heat with a dear friend and it couldn't have been a better way to feel renewed.

    wow, ramble much? That's what your thoughtful posts do to me Kimbirdy dear, so much to ponder. I hope you and the Mr. had a really lovely day off together. =)

  21. I hope the two of you had a fantastic day together. You are really speaking my language in this post. Let me know some tips, too. We're working on it!


  22. I hope you and Dannon had a lovely evening last night. I think date nights are really important, especially when life has got you both so busy. I'd say try to find one night a week to do something special together.

  23. I love that you both take the time for each other to enjoy a date night. I think it's so healthy for couples and keeps the romance alive. Beautiful :)