Friday, June 24, 2011


i have so many things to be thankful for this week:

* most of all, dannon came home monday night {woot-woot}!
* i am finally done training at work & can begin my normal schedule {aka - kim won't work so many days and will be way less exhausted. yessss!}.
* midnight in paris - swoon! i don't think i could love this movie any more than i do. it's brilliant!
* getting to hang out with brandi and jo at alcove {i'm so glad i finally got to meet jo!}.  i love blogger
meet-ups, even when they're a little sad because one of them *ahem, brandi* is moving away.
* delicious $6 bottles of wine {we did a comparison, $6 wine tastes better than some $30 wine. bam! sold.}
* a creative husband who experiments with making his own frozen yogurt.
* warm sunny weather and finally getting to wear summer dresses with flip-flops.
* a fan. such a simple thing, but makes all the difference when you live in the desert without air conditioning.

also, if you live in the LA area, you should check out one of the free shows motopony is doing this
saturday - 1p at origami vinyl {just a few blocks from my house}, and 7p in old town pasadena. we'll be
heading over to the show in pasadena since i work tomorrow afternoon.  see you there?... eh, eh?...  :)
there are also a bunch of other cities on their tour, so check out their website.

what are you thankful for?


  1. So much to be thankful for! Right now it is resting my back after a loooong four hours of weeding. :)

    Your list, as always, is lovely. I am going to click your link for the movie. Sounds like a perfect date night!

    Please do link your sweet list to The Little Things!

    xx, Cassie

  2. yey to less exhaustion for you! :)
    i cant imagine living in a desert...
    so i am thankful for the SUN today because its hardly sunny here at the mo and has been raining! i am thankful for my family. and for...chocolate cake haha xxx

  3. Such a great list. So, much to be just grateful. Little things really. I am thankful for my friends{even the one's I've never met}, my writing practice, starting back to be regular yogini, rice and kale, hot tea, cool nights and the healing work that is going on right now in my own heart. Yesterday, I was walking from the library and I thought, I like being me. My life is not perfect but I like me and that makes me thankful.

  4. So glad he's home! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  5. Hooray for finishing your training and for being reunited with your husband :)

  6. that picture is adorable! have a great weekend! xo

  7. I would love to go to any live shows with you. Sigh, we would have so much fun together if we lived near each other.

  8. Fabulous Friday gratitude list. So glad your sweetie is home again!

    Happy Weekend, Kim. I really hope your roadtrip plans bring you to Seattle... so we can figure out a meet-up. And speaking of meet-ups, Brandi will be here next week, and I'm so excited!

  9. I am thankful that after days and days of rain we finally have a sunny day!

  10. i adore you. ya know that? because i do. i cherish every single word of advice & inspiration you give me. yup. cherish i tell ya.

    thanks for sharing your pearls of wisdom. & sorry for being so befuddled that my commenting has been inexcusably sparse.

    habe dich lieb. : )

  11. yay for date night!

    It's nice to have the boys back isn't it?

    What recipe for frozen yogurt did he use? I've been craving frozen yogurt myself.

  12. So I'm going to look for jobs in LA. You know, just in case. One never knows right? And I'm thankful we got to spend some time together this week. I'll fly back as often as I can. Promise. Have a great weekend, darling!

  13. Ooh, I'd love to learn about Dannon's frozen yogurt experiments!

  14. Ahhh, I'm so overdue in seeing Midnight in Paris. I fear I won't get around to it before we leave...but I suppose I should be extra thankful that we'll actually be in Paris, right? Have the BEST weekend, sweet Kim!

  15. You're such a darling Kim! :) And summer looks rosy and good on you!

    Dream dates are <3

    Enjoy the weekend! ;)

  16. yay for date nights!
    and congrats on being done with training!!
    such a great feeling!

  17. making a list of what you are thankful for is such a good idea. i like to do it as often as i can--it helps me remember how blessed i am. glad you have so much to be thankful for too!


  18. I LOVED "Midnight in Paris"! And what a sweet photo of you two!

    I had made other plans when I heard that Motopony would be playing in Pasadena this evening. I think they're coming back to L.A. late July. (?)

    Hope you're having a beautiful weekend!!

  19. I'm a newbie here, what a lovely blog you have!

  20. Your blog is seriously so cute!! :)

  21. I'm thankful my internet is working again!

  22. I'm with you on the cheap bottles of wine!

  23. Awww you two are such a cute couple! Love your dress! =)

  24. Oh, I'm so glad you liked Midnight in Paris - I can't wait to watch it! Aaalso.. love the way your doing your photos now!

    I'm thankful for new opportunities and super warm weather even if I don't have AC either, ha!

  25. I'm so glad you have so many things to be thankful for :) I need to watch that movie I think! And $6 bottles of wine are the best. I'm thankful for a few things but I'm too scared to say in case I jinx them!

  26. Cheap wine is something I'm always thankful for :) Have you had Three Buck Chuck at Trader Joes? Charles Shaw is $3 a bottle and it's very good!

  27. wonderful list as usual :). Cheap wine? I'm sold!

    Your date sounds magical!

  28. Love your list. And also this pic--gosh, you guys are too cute for words :) I can't wait to see Midnight in Paris--looks excellent!