Wednesday, April 6, 2011

tim tam slam

have you ever had a tim tam?  i was first introduced to these treats way back in college, when i first met the mister.  his family is from australia, so it was essential that i liked certain beloved australian foods.  first came marmite {YUM!!}, then came lamingtons {OM NOM NOM!!}, and then... my life was changed forever! the stars aligned, kittens fell from heaven, my world - rocked!

that was a tim tam slam.  it might sound like a drug to you, and in many ways, it totally is.  i certainly crave it like crack, and it's best to have assistance when you take a hit.  i'm warning you now, things are going to be different after i show you this.  stop reading right now if you're content with the way things are, if you enjoy that boring desk job, or if your favorite color is beige.  seriously, just move on to the next blog in your reader.

but! if you are ready to take the next step in life, by all means, draw open the curtain, and be exposed to the wonders that exist! 

hold your breath, make a wish, count to three...

come with me, 
and you'll be,
in a world of pure imagination!

{in another life i totally landed the job of the female willy wonka}

the tim tam slam

you can use either coffee or hot chocolate, but the mister loves to use Milo, the australian version of hot chocolate.  it's sometimes hard to find, but it's out there.  we found ours at a thai market here in LA, but it was in the regular grocery stores up in san francisco.  

then of course, you'll need a package of tim tams.  these are becoming much easier to find in the US.  i know they sell them at world market, but you may be able to find them in your regular grocery store now too.

Step 1
mix the milo & milk* in a mug that has a wide opening.  heat according to directions until hot {as you would with any hot chocolate mix}.

Step 2
bite off the corners of two opposite ends, as shown here.

Step 3 
make sure any long hair is in a secured updo position.

Step 4
submerge one of the bitten ends into the milo and suck it through the other bitten off end, as you would with a straw.

Step 5
when you begin to feel the cookie get soft and melty beneath your fingers, stop drinking and eat the whole thing.

Step 6
try to enjoy the ride of pure bliss, otherwise known as a tim-tasm!

and that's all there is to it! enjoy kids!

some people like to supplement bailey's irish cream for some of the milk. i have yet to try this, but it sounds amazing!

UPDATE - dear australians, i totally agree, vegemite is FAR superior to marmite.  however, in the US we sadly only have marmite to buy, so that's what we eat.  i'm sure my husband would be THRILLED if anyone living in australia would like to send us the real stuff.  :)


  1. oh my gosh!!! someone else has done this too?!?! my boyfriend went on a church mission to japan and said all the missionaries do this! he introduced it to be back in november i think i have a video of it somewhere! haha. well i'm glad you had a great experience.

    i got the background to my blog and longggggg time ago probably 5 years ago it was my "myspace" background and i found it in a file on my computer but yeah. you could probably find some sweet floral ones through google!
    i look forward to hearing from your cute face

  2. Sounds really yummy, but I don't think I'll be able to find tim tams here in Denmark!

  3. Oh my gosh! I tried tim tam slams for the first time this past christmas, and had so much fun! Now, that's what I call a treat--something that is fun to eat AND tastes delicious!

  4. Well you will truly fit in in Australia with the Tim Tam Slam they are an Australian tradition. That being said you must try Vegemite its much better than Marmite

  5. yes!! i have done the tim tam slam and it is PURe awesome!!!! sooo delicious!! ok my mouth is watering and i haven't eaten breakfast yet haha!!

  6. You are hilarious - I would love to try this at home, but somehow I doubt we will be able to purchase this in Daneland. Looked great fun though - loved the hair securing :O)
    A x

  7. oh man i wish i had some tim tams to slam!!!

  8. You're the absolute cutest, Kim. This tim tim slam thing is entirely new to me but it looks like so much fun I'll have to try it. And I adore the extra emphasis on pulling the hair back -- I'd likely forget and make a huge mess.

  9. I have never even heard of Tim Tams but I so want to try this now! It's basically drinking hot cocoa through a cookie right? Brilliant! :)

  10. Yes, I have had Tim Tams (in Japan of all places), but never the Tim Tam slam. Now I will be thinking about it all day at work especially during my 2 pm sugar craving hour.

  11. You are so cute! I've heard of Tim Tams but have never had one.

  12. This sounds soooo good!! =) I want some now!!

    And marmite...blah! glad to know someone that enjoys that nasty stuff! lol I tried it when I was in New Zealand and just couldn't enjoy it.

  13. 1. I had no clue your hubby is an Aussie. If he has an accent I am officially jealous.
    2. Kittens fell from heaven. That is my new favorite line!
    3. You are so adorable in these photos.
    4. I will meet you and we will have a Tim Tam slam together.

  14. i did not just read this. i did not just read this. I DID NOT JUST READ THIS. because this sounds HEAVENLY and like something i would want to do way too often!!!!!!!

  15. I got introduced to tim tams by my Aussie mates when I was in Asia. Heck yeah! We do need those in the US. I could eat a couple boxes by myself. They also introduced me to the vegemite. Next up, vegemite slam, haha.

  16. Now I want to try this, but I highly doubt it's available in Switzerland. I love how you wrote out this post... made me laugh out loud. : )

  17. Such a fun post Kim! And these photos are wonderful! But you are teasing me with these tim tam photos!! Maybe we should do a biscuit swap?! x

  18. ps: Baileys in hot chocolate sounds like the best invention ever! I don't know why I haven't thought of this - we love a bit of baileys in my house, especially the hazelnut one. x

  19. I've never heard of such a thing but am dying to try it!

  20. Tim Tams! Oh my gosh I haven't had these since my trip to Australia in college. So yummy! PS I love that secured hair is a step! ;)

  21. hahahaha this is awesome!

  22. I can't eat tim tams or Milo (I don't want to talk about it) because of my gluten allergy. It is tragic. But yes. Amazing

    Also, I've never heard a self respecting Australian who prefers marmite over vegemite....Just saying.

  23. WOW. looks delicious!! and so much fun!

  24. I. need. this! ASAP! Seriously, I'm going to World Market this week! I kind of want to cry because I know I can't have it tonight ;) By the way, your photos are adorable!!!

  25. you're too cute. The name alone slays me.

  26. You are absolutely adorable :) Must try this. Om nom nom is right--sounds deeeeelish.