Thursday, April 7, 2011

april intentions ~ really, i have to still do this?...

ack!, it's april!!!

i've been avoiding my goals post for this month, because that means i have to admit i still haven't met my march goal of landing a job/internship.  nothing, nada, nichts.  in fact, i made even less money in march than in february {when i made a whopping $50}.

i'm trying my darndest to stay hopeful, to keep my chin up, to keep working on my search.  somedays i feel completely on fire to get out there and flash my most brilliant "you know you want to hire me" smile,  while other days i just want to lie face down on the floor and not move until the repo man carries me away.


the thing is, it's hard these days.  having a degree means very little.  jobs in my field want to know i have experience and expertise, but how am i to have much of either fresh out of grad school?  whereas all the other random jobs don't want to hire me because i have that masters degree.  restaurants, coffee shops, retail
jobs, ...all of them! they'd rather hire a 16 year old, even though i would dance customer-service-circles around those kids.  and it seems to be no better anywhere else in the country {or australia, as decoybetty knows. by the way, if you haven't checked out her blog, you should. i love her posts on her frustrating job search. oh how i feel your pain decoybetty!}.  what i'm hearing from everyone is that it's typically taking people about a year to finally land a job in something, anything, in all sorts of career fields.  blah!

so, sadly, my goals for this month are the same as last month's, only doubled.
plus, i'm going to throw in a few extra goals:
* keep on keepin on.
* don't give up.
* don't lose hope.
* be brave little soldier.
* don't get low self-esteem even if you have to apply for food stamps.
* remember you're awesome.
* stay strong!

what are your goals for the month?


  1. I like this idea... writing out goals. Mind if I boooorrow it? ;) I'm sorry your job search isn't going well. When I lived in London, everyone kept saying "How do you not have a job? You're not doing enough, etc.", but if you don't have exactly what someone is looking for... someone else will. I didn't have enough experience so I wasn't given the opportunity to GET that experience. Just yesterday I read an article at about the young, educated, and unemployed. It's really sad what's going on.

  2. Oh darling, you sure are a strong apple. Keep your chin up, I am sure you're closer to your dream job than you were last week, last month, etc. You're a smart, beautiful, intelligent woman, the places who haven't hired you obviously don't know what they're missing out.

    I wish you the best of the luck and hope this month is your month

  3. Hang in there. Job hunts are the worst :( my goal is to sell my house. Been trying for 6 months. I'm so over it. Just sell already! I wish I had more control over it. And over you finding a job. Here's to good luck finding both of us this month!

  4. Job hunting is the pits. Doing it myself and trying to sort out what to do. My field is just like that---they want experience but you just got out of school and if no one hires you then how can you get experience. I'll say some prayers for us both. Keep your heart up. You are awesome and wonderful!! If all else fails, we can have a skype dance party.

  5. Stay strong, dear! You can do it!!!

    Thanks for always sharing what's on your heart--no matter how frustrated or discouraged you feel. I love reading your blog because I feel like I'm reading about a real person with real struggles like me. Your blog is always a wonderful spot of encouragement and optimism!

  6. I definitely understand your frustration! It's crazy - this job I just got requires a bachelor's degree... even though my degree has NOTHING to do with what I'm doing here. Can someone please explain that to me?

    I'm not complaining by any means! I have just never been a fan of the degree or no degree game. It isn't fair to anyone!

  7. Looking for a job is hard and frustrating. Keep visualizing your success, imagine working in the perfect place, put everything out there and it will most definitely happen. Especially for you. I've no doubts and you shouldn't either.

    And I'm emailing you. Now.

  8. Been there Kim. I totally feel your pain. The job market it just terrible right now. Hence the reason I'm going for a degree in sales and marketing when I'd really love a degree in English and literature. I just figure sales and marketing will help me get a job quickly. Which is sad.

  9. Those sound like great monthly goals. Hang in there, Kim! I can totally understand how frustrating it is...and it does seem ridiculous because you are overqualified for so much! It'll come to you, it will! And definitely remember that you're awesome - if you ever need a reminder, I can tell you again & again ;)

  10. I'm so sorry that you're having such frustrations with finding a job!

    Your goals are awesome though! I wish you much luck in achieving all of them! :). And most of all, to find an awesome job! *Fingers Crossed*

  11. I know that facedown on the floor feeling. Sometimes you have to give yourself the luxury of that for a few minutes, but ALWAYS get back up again :)

    Also. That whole bit about how your graduate degree is actually HURTING your chances of finding a job? I can SO relate. I'm in law school, and that means major debt and small income. A lot of my friends have tried to get jobs in retail to pay bills, and can't get hired to save their lives. It's like, "Don't you know that I will be AWESOME? I can read and do math, even?" ::sigh:: I get the not wanting people who won't stay forever, but do they really think those high school kids are making a career out of that?
    /rant :)

    You'll find something, I have faith.

  12. You'll get through this! But my heart does go out to you. Nothing beats down someone's self esteem than job searching. It really can take a toll on someone and I wish you all the love in the world for you to get a job soon.

  13. I love your goals, especially the one about being a brave little soldier. I've been stuck in the same cycle for the last year or so, subsisting almost solely on babysitting and well, other people's children are only fun for so long. My goal this month is to stop moping and solidify my goals for a lasting career. Good luck to us :)

  14. My goal this month is the same "keep on keeping on." That's the major one. Oh and thanks to you, I have a no-shopping goal that's currently in the works :) I can only do one life goal and one major specific goal at a time.. it's a coping mechanism, really..

    You know, when things get tough, I tell myself that we're still lucky that we're both healthy and sleeping well..

  15. why oh why can't we all be independently wealthy?? i know job searches are SO frustrating, but don't give up hope - you never know what amazing opportunities are lurking around the corner!

  16. It's funny- my coworkers are having a discussion about this very idea right now, as I'm typing. Friends who have masters degrees, working at coffee shops, etc.
    Hang in there, and go for what you really love. It'll happen!

  17. Aw thanks for the shout out! We definitely need a support group. it is SOOO hard to stay positive. But we can do this...

  18. oh i love this ideas girly!! And girl getting a job is a job in itself!!! it too me forev to find mine.

    But okay my April goals:

    keep my room clean, post awesome blogs, solve world hunger, become famous, learn to fly.

    psssssssssh, easy.

    no pressure........ :)

  19. I feel you, but don't give up it only makes it that much harder. It took me 6 months to find a job last year and once you have one you'll miss you free time. So keep your chin up, a job could be just around the corner!

  20. hang in there, girl! i feel a bit bad, as i constantly complain about my job. but i know having a job helps. a girl needs a paycheck! and i hope you land something awesome soon. it is NOT easy out there. my brother was out of work for a very long time, and ended up having to take a job that he thought was "beneath" him. but he has a family to support, and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do, particularly when the economy is in such a tailspin.

    p.s. i know it is kind of lying and it seems ridiculous, but maybe don't mention that you have are fresh out of grad school, particularly if your education isn't relevant to the position. it is preposterous that you might need to undersell yourself, but if it gets you a job, maybe it is worth it? maybe.

  21. Oh no! That's fine, this goal will probably take a while, the economy is not on your side here unfortunately.

    Goals for April are same as every other month pretty much: work on 101!

  22. Your goals are great, I love how positive they are :)

    You'll find a job, these things just take time!

    I know what you mean though. I spent four years and thousands of dollars on my degree, and it seems to have LIMITED my options! Crazy!

  23. I am in the *same* situation! Four months later, and I've scored exactly one real interview after a ton of informational networking meetings.

    I just want to shout, "I'm smart, really! And I'll work hard! That's what the degree is supposed to show you!"

    Sounds like the non-profit world in NYC is pretty similar to yours.

    It's not us though! Just remember that. It's really not. I'm sending you all the good luck I can muster!

  24. Awwh, lady, stay strong! Something will come along...but i understand how frustrating the search can be. However, I think I need to start writing monthly goals myself, it might help me stay motivated. much love and happy thoughts. xoxo

  25. I agree with Brandi about visualizing yourself having your perfect job. I know something amazing is just around the corner!! xox

  26. Awwww, girl.... I'm so sorry to hear of your struggles to find a job. And as someone who's been in that boat a few times in my life (I picked publishing as my career path, a field that is always fraught with uncertainty and, sadly, layoffs), I can only say... keep on keepin' on. I am keeping fingers crossed for you that you find something quickly. But in the meantime, know that we are all here to encourage and support you. I am also looking for a new career, but it's a scary thing. Then I become the new girl somewhere else when I have the job security (mostly) here.

    Much love your way, sistah. *HUGS*

  27. oye, really? How dense can they be? You bring sunshine everyday - your voice comes through your blog. You don't even have to work; they should hire you just to hang out in their workplace - that alone would be enough. I'm rooting for you! And hoping these places get their ish together.