Tuesday, April 5, 2011

big life ideas

one of my many life ideas is to start my own fun business.  the ideas are ever changing - a bookstore, an arts & crafts collective, and most recently an ice cream parlor.  in these ideas, the store itself is always a fun creative experience, unlike your typical four-walled shops.  

that's why i love the latest trend of pop-up shops, and of course, i'm a huge fan of the food truck movement.  in fact, it was just last week that i began thinking, what else could you buy from a truck?  i went through all my previous ideas of a bookstore, arts & crafts collective, and ice cream parlor {some of which already exist}. 
but then it hit me - what about a happiness truck?

my happiness truck would be filled with all sorts of fun things:

+ cupcakes,
+ magicians,
+ cute, handmade trinkets and gifts,
+ edible and biodegradable confetti {with giant confetti guns},
+ a sweet song written and sung specifically for you,
+ an empathetic, non-judging, kind listening ear,
+ a dance party,
+ free hugs,
+ jokes,
+ genuine compliments,
+ puppies, kittens, & bunnies,
+ yoga classes,
+ flowers,
+ passion tea lemonade,
+ workshops for all sorts of fun things,
+ a crowd of smiling people applauding and high-fiving you,
+ a surprise guest appearance by your best friend.

now it couldn't be entirely free {wouldn't it be wonderful if it could?!}, but i would be happy to take
donations, or trades.  for instance, hypothetically, if someone came to me and said "i just got fired
from my job and i really need to play with a puppy. how about i build you a treehouse for
3 weeks of puppy sessions?" i would for sure say "yes!"
and that's how it would work.

now if only i could get a business loan...

what is one of your big life ideas?

{photos from enjoy cupcakes, the cutest cupcake shop in the world!}


  1. I'm with you. I'd love to open a little cafe somewhere. These photos are so inspiring!

  2. I love this idea! I think the Happiness Truck needs to drive its way over to Michigan right about now and bring us some sunshine and smiles!

    My big life plan is to travel to as many places as I can, own my own photography business, and have a family. Simple, but what I've always wanted out of life!

  3. If you need a partner, I'm totally in for doing this. And I think if anyone would be perfect for scooping out doses of happiness it would be you. This post is just one of those scoops -- the images, your ideas. LOVE! I have so many dreams: a bakery, a store, a flower shop...

  4. I'd totally visit the happiness truck!!!

  5. this idea is adorable and so are the photos. I'd be a customer, well.. you might have to kick me out of the truck from time to time :)

  6. Oh goodness, I am in love! Passion tea lemonade? Free hugs? Yes, please!

    I always thought owning a hole in the wall bookstore would be fabulous! I'd have a small coffee shop inside as well. I would never want to leave!

  7. Kim, can I go in on this with you? :) Just the thought makes me so happy this morning! It completely goes along with all my big life ideas :)

  8. This post makes me smile so big. It's the perfect thing to read on my birthday {I'm all about the cake today!}... I'll invest in the happiness truck movement, for sure!

  9. You are so fantastic! That is the best idea out there and who better to have this truck than the mother of all sunshine. You are incredible!

  10. Fun! Love all the color in the cupcake shop! Love. xx

  11. I would frequent your happiness truck~! haha That's super fun! Soemtimes happiness is just some coffee and chocolate for me

  12. Fab idea! I could use a shot of happiness by the daily. Love this, Kim!

  13. oh, love this. I think I would want a book/coffee shop. Something that screams cozy and comfy.
    Love your big life idea!!

  14. I think you need some venture capital money. That's a fantastic idea! I would so go (if you moved back to SF and had it here that is).

  15. Um, best idea EVER!!! If I had enough money, I'd get you that loan in a heartbeat! I've always wanted to open an art gallery, mostly for students out of university cause it's just so tough to get exposure. I tend to have new ideas all the time though...

    PS My husband and I totally nerded-out on the drive home after seeing Limitless. I definitely didn't think it made sense that he would be smarter because he would have had to learn these things at some point. But they do a pretty good job of throwing in some technical jargon and show him able to speed through books and lessons and learning music and languages - basically he could learn really fast and retain EVERYTHING! It made for some super interesting (...and nerdy!) conversation!

  16. uum, one question: would you tour the country in your happiness truck? Because I would so love it if you did! Come to my city first!

  17. fabulous idea!! i would come by for puppies and a dance party!

  18. Love all of your inspiration photos! I dream daily of starting up my own shop...similarly, my dreams include fun, interactive experiences (like workshops or craft nights!). Maybe someday, huh? ;)

  19. First of all I am totally down with the happiness truck.

    I just want to live on a sustainable farm and grow my veggies that i trade with other people. LIke I'll grow tons of tomatoes and then trade them for apples.

  20. Um...I would SO be a regular customer at your Happiness Truck! Love the confetti guns idea - too cute!

  21. What a wonderful idea! You have to make this happen! I really want to open up a store too..so far it's a second hand clothes/books/music shops, with a cafe and bakery, plus pin-up photo studio..

  22. I love your Happiness truck! and i would defs come visit! I also dream of opening a fun small business, i kinda been dreaming of a tiny restaurant with home cooked meals, simple and that would feel like you are coming back to grandma's place... awwh dream life!

  23. So, I see you've had a lot of offers for potential business partners, but hear me out: I can do cartwheels, sing off-key, make squirrel sounds, get kids to do pretty much anything, and whip up a hot fudge sundae in one minute flat. Let me know if you need to reference check.

    (best idea ever)

  24. happiness truck? oh. my. you are too much! you really must have the biggest heart. i'm more like..."show me the money!!!"

  25. OMG Kimbirdy, I would love to come to your happiness truck, in fact I would move in to your shop if it was this cute. Lovely post - made me all happy :)

  26. I love this idea. Would your happiness truck please make a stop in New York? I would love to try one of your cupcakes and shake it at your dance party :)