Friday, April 15, 2011


this was a pretty good week considering the constant stress of unemployment.  i was really successful at carving out "work hours" each day where i only did things pertaining to the acquisition of a job.  i applied to dozens of job ads {although, are any of them real?}, signed up for a networking meeting, volunteered to do several things at said networking meeting, and set up my linkedin account.  i feel pretty good about how busy i kept myself, doing very productive things.  
good job ole sport! 

here are the other things for which i'm thankful this week:
* only spending $40 on food for two of us {or i guess what i'm really thankful for here is the ability to
 exercise self-control at the grocery store, only buying that which we really need}.
* receiving our gorgeous railroad revival tickets in the mail
{prettiest tickets i've ever seen!}. only 1 more week!
* discovering the voice project, thanks to brandi. amazing musicians
doing amazing covers {and some of them are our neighbors}.
* clearing out some clutter in our small apartment.
* getting the opportunity to be part of a band!
* hanging out with some brand new friends.
* all of you and your support. you all gave me such a confidence boost this week that i feel totally ready to wow em at tomorrow's event. hopefully one of those people who will get wowed will also have a job opening for me.

{you can buy this print in the etsy store UUPP}

what are you thankful for?


  1. I had no idea you were a musician. What do you play? I have zero musical ability, but my husband is a drummer.

  2. Everything will change this weekend for you! Something truly wonderful will come of this event tomorrow, I just know it!! Right now, I'm most grateful for my friends. Especially people like you. I seriously want to move to LA and be neighbors.

  3. Yeah, I'm so happy that you have such great resilience. I can imagine that things right now are trying...I am praying for great times ahead for you. I can feel it happening in my bones(as they say down south). A band, I've always wanted to be apart of one. That sounds super fun. I am grateful that the weather is nice, that I made some great black bean and sweet potato enchiladas for today and did a few things on my to-do list. Happy weekend!

  4. Can I be thankful for donuts this week? =-)

  5. i'm thankful for employment even when i'm having the worst week. friends, family, warm weather that will soon come, and my costa rica trip!

    Have a great weekend miss! =)

  6. what a beautiful print!

    you deserve a double high-five!! congratulations on accomplishing so much :)

    ps: thanks for you lovely comment on my last post, sometimes it's hard holding on to ones believes when the people around disagree. I am happy I can count on people like you :)

    Have a nice weekend my dear friend

  7. Clearing out clutter makes me super happy and productive feeling too!!!! Hubs and I do a lot of our shopping at ALDI and enjoy a very small grocery bill each week…do you have ALDI’s out in CA?

  8. I love everything about this upbeat and fantastic post, Kim! Something sooo good is going to come out of tomorrow's event {especially if you wear that cute nametag we discussed...}

    I'm grateful for friends this week. Friends and mail have kept my spirits up as I've recovered from my surgery. I always get a little mood-boost from our twitter chats, too!

    Happy, happy weekend!

  9. jealous of railroad revival tickets :)

    good luck with your job search, i definitely have all my positive vibes being sent your way!

    and i am grateful for the people in my life that know all my ins and outs, but still love me anyway!

    have a beautiful weekend!

  10. I totally agree with Brandi - and I would also love to be your neighbor - fingers xx for you - you'll blow them away because you are a lovely person. I am grateful I have met you and loads of amazing people through blogging, and thankful my family is healthy :O)
    A xx

  11. Oh man, that's an awesome print!

    I am thankful for my good husband. He pulled me through a rough time last night. So incredibly patient!

  12. beautiful gratitude list! you're going to be a part of a band? amazing! you are doing all the right things in terms of a job search...when it's right, i know you will find the right place for you. this week i'm thankful for energy. not sure why, but i haven't had much caffeine, yet have had a lot of energy. i'll go with it!

  13. $40 for the week?! that is insanely good! well DONE!!!!!

    i am so happy it is friday. and scheduling time this weekend for relaxing + fun is keeping me cheery!

    hope you have a good weekend!

  14. Thanks, Kim.. I needed this right now. I may feel down in the dumps today, but I know I'll be up and running soon enough! I wish you all the luck that my four leaf clover can muster tomorrow!

  15. Thanks, Kim.. I needed this right now. I may feel down in the dumps today, but I know I'll be up and running soon enough! I wish you all the luck that my four leaf clover can muster tomorrow!

  16. Yay, I'm so glad you got in a good, very productive week...that's always a major boost! this week I am thankful for one of my childhood friends is coming to visit me for a week, so major gratitude for that! have a lovely weekend kim and good luck on saturday

  17. All the best for Saturday's event. I'm sure the outcome will be positive.

    Have a fantastic weekend !!


  18. I have such a good feeling about this event, I hope something awesome comes of it! :) I'm so incredibly grateful for my job right now. It's so hard, balancing it all, and sometimes I want to pull my hair out. But only 20% of my class have jobs lined up and we graduate next month - the legal market is super scary right now. So I'd be grateful just to have a clock to punch, but I honestly ADORE my co-workers. I get such joy just from being around them, which I know is so rare. I don't want to take it for granted!

    Happy weekend lady! :)

  19. Ooh, you'll have to share video/mp3 of your band with us!! That's awesome!

  20. I wish you all the best for the event! and please, shared something! from the event!!!:D I'm following!

    Look my blog and if you like it, follow me!



  21. Love your new header and the gratitude print. I also just spent a bunch of time checking out the wedding you posted about earlier this week. How fun!

    I hope you feel the progress you made this week. I know how it feels to spin your wheels, seemingly without any progress, but I think progress can be found in the trying of it all. I'll keep sending you good job finding vibes.

    happy Saturday dear.

  22. Such great things you've listed! Way to keep your spirits up as you wade through this period of uncertainty--with the job bit. I know how that can go.

    Good luck this week!

  23. Wonderful gratitude list!! That's so cool that you get to be part of a band! And $40 worth of food is impressive, I wish I could shop so cheap!
    I can't wait to hear how it all went :)

  24. How did the singing go? More details please!
    Also, must say, v. proud of your grocery self-restraint. I have a v. hard time saying no to all of these suddenly must-have items that are in the aisles.

  25. Im thankful for finding your gorgeous blog! Your newest follower Miss Walker xoxo

  26. Ooooh, I want to see your printed tix to the Railroad Revival show! Have a great time at the show and do report back! Please also tell Edward Sharpe I love him. Okay, maybe not... but have fun!

    Keeping these fingers crossed for you on the job front, girl.

  27. I love your optimism. That print and the message is fantastic! Best of luck to you, I bloghopped my way here, have a great day!