Monday, April 18, 2011

good deeds ~ random acts of kindness

so how is everyone doing with those good deeds out there? i don't know about you, but some weeks i feel totally inspired to help other people in about a million different ways, while other weeks i
think "jilkemnr people yotreqwnoxf help tpugvbar good."  

so what do you do when you want to make the world a better place, but you're a total incoherent mess? 
don't worry, the internet has a solution for you - to be specific.

{you can buy this print in the sweet etsy store heidiburton}

random acts of kindness has all sorts of ideas for do-goodery, true life tales of charity, and other kindness-focused resources to get you inspired.  so head over, get in the spirit of spreading some love, and go make a difference in someone's life today.  and who knows? maybe we'll see one of your stories on random acts of kindness one day soon, providing heaps of inspiration for some other blogger and her readers!


while we're on the topic of kindness, the mister has a job interview this morning for which we would greatly appreciate any kind thoughts you may have to spare.  he desperately needs a job, and this one would at least be in his field {which means a lot when you're searching high and low for all sorts of random jobs}.

i have also sent in an application to a real live person at an awesome residential facility thanks to the networking event this weekend.  i would love to get your good vibes sent my way today, so that this person will actually look at my resume and call me in for an interview... and then hire me!  at this point it's
easy to think nothing will come of these interviews/applications since nothing has panned out
so far, but for some reason, i'm feeling extra hopeful today.
we shall see!


  1. Prayers are being sent your way! Good luck to the mister!

  2. Definitely sending good vibes and prayers to both of you. Fingers crossed !!

  3. I'm sending lots of good thoughts to you and the husband. And I love the random acts of kindness site; it's nice to know something little can go a long way. Happy Monday, Kim! Here's to a fantastic week for you!

  4. Sending loads of love and prayer your way and to your mister.
    Oh, I love RAOC. I did not know they had a web thing going on. Had their book for ages ago. I'll have to pop over! And I love how you are thinking of other in the midst of your own struggles. This is a powerful reminder to me this morning!! I needed this shot of life.I hope you have a great weekend.

  5. All good, lucky and kind vibes to both of you from sunny (today yay) Daneland. Hope things will work out the way you want it Kim.
    Happy monday
    A xox

  6. Sending you lots of good vibes Kim, you deserve the best!

  7. lots of prayers and happy thoughts! I've decided not to underestimate feeling extra hopeful :) whether it pans out or not (whatever I'm feeling good about), you can't beat that feeling!

  8. I'm definitely keeping you and your mister in my thoughts today! Can't wait to hear back about both of your applications!

  9. Oodles of luck to Dannon and to you on your job search! This could just be your week!!!

    I'm going to check out that random acts of kindness site. I could use a bit of that in my life today.

    Happy Monday, Kim. May it be a mmmmmmarvellous week ahead!

  10. tons of good vibes on their way to you!! I love this site you've posted about; it's a fantastic start to a Monday.

  11. What a great way to start the week. Good luck to you and your mister. I can't wait to hear back from you.

  12. good luck to your man! and what a great daily reminder!

  13. Sending all positive thoughts to you and your hubby. I'm hopeful for you both as well :)

    (Also love the idea of this site. Cute!) XOXO!

  14. sending good vibes to you and your man!!!! this could be the one for BOTH of you! it could!

    lately i am trying to smile more at people. TRYING. i heard something on npr the other day -- they said happy people live longer and more healthy lives. kind of a no-brainer, but making an extra effort to be happy or to MAKE others feel more happiness seems like a good goal. some days it might be a bit of a long shot (LOL! hello MONDAYS!), but it is worth a try. :)

  15. What a cool website! You always find the coolest sites!

    And I'm definitely sending lots of good vibes your way. I hope you both get good news sooon! So glad to hear the event this weekend went well!

  16. Random acts of kindness (both engaging in and witnessing) probably make me happier than almost anything. And you know, I have a good feeling about your job hunt. Something is going to materialize soon. You are sending so many positive affirmations out there!

  17. I love RAK. I've looked at the site many times and it's been brought up at my volunteer meetings before.

    It can be hard sometimes coming up with ways to act kindly towards a stranger (especially when you don't want recognition for what you did). Keep up the good work (and good suggestions).

    Wishing you the best with the job applications!