Tuesday, April 19, 2011

put a stick in it!

for our wedding, the mister made all the desserts himself, including hand rolling a few dozen cake pops! oh my yes, they were amazing.  at the time they weren't quite so popular, so it was a rather unique addition to our dessert menu.  now, you can find cake pops all over the place, even starbucks.  YUM!  recently i've been noticing all sorts of other variations of pops popping up.

here are some of the treats-on-a-stick that i've found:

clockwise from left:  macaroon popsrice krispies treats pops, & gingerbread house pops

clockwise from bottom left:  oreo popspizza popssmores popspie pops {eee!}, & cookie pops

aren't these foods so much more fun on a stick?!
oh! and this is what we'll have to do after eating all these delectable treats:

i actually still have a whole bunch of sticks left over from our cake pops, which leaves me wondering, "what else can we put on a stick?..."  and "can i find something healthy to make into a bite-sized pop?"  how about salad pops? no...
cereal pops? that won't work...
{...and is cereal really considered "healthy?"}
asparagus pops? i guess they're sorta already stick-ish...
veggie omelet pops? i think we're getting closer!...  


  1. goodness gracious !!! macaroon pops !! oreo pops !!!!??? fantastic !!!

    p/s: I'm sure I can get one of those vintage dresses for you Kim. :)
    Especially for you :)

  2. Why is everything better on a stick? So odd, but it is.

  3. oh, fun. I think the little house are super cute. Maybe you could put some fruit on the pop. Not sure what else would be healthy and good to eat on a stick.

  4. Do pie pops not count as healthy? But they're only fruit and some bready stuff. Confession: I've never had a cake pop, or anything else on a stick that wasn't a lollipop or ice cream. I kinda think I need to try one.

  5. I wonder how people thought of putting cakes on sticks...some sort of variation on the lollipop. But whatever it was, genius! I tried my first cake on a stick at a food fair this weekend, and it was so delicious! I can't believe your hubby MADE all the desserts himself! You sure picked a great guy to marry ;)

  6. That pie pop. Those cookie pops. My goodness, those little gingerbread house pops! I'm feeling inspired.

    ...What about quiche pops? Pampered chef sells the cookware to make it possible!

  7. Lol...what about fruit pops? you can imagine them as candies ;)
    Lovely blog!!


  8. i love bite sized treats! they seem to reduce the guilt level while/after eating. i am definitaly going to try the rice crispy treat pops! thanks for sharing.
    also, i wasted lots of time the other night looking for healthy desert recipes. i am a sucker for cookies in particular (no pun intended). keep us updated if you happen across healthy 'pop' ideas.

  9. um... give me the cookie pops and no one gets hurt!

  10. Maybe oatmeal cookie pops? That's kind of a compromise, right! ;)

    It's so cool that your hubby made the pops for your wedding!!! I must be under a rock...this is the first I've heard of (or seen) them! Now I'll be on the look out!!

  11. Gah! I want everything here! What a fun post, Kim! Healthy? Fish sticks?

  12. amazing! all of this looks so yummy :pp

  13. I made lemon curd, and was going to make pie pops out of it (and my leftover sticks). And how sweet of the mister to make cake pops for the wedding!

  14. How did I miss this trend? I'm still stuck in lollipop land, ha! You sure did make me hungry with this post! This had me thinking of a veggie kebab on a stick.

  15. you are so cute! and yes, so is (any) food on a stick.

  16. I have never heard of this before, it's such a cool idea!! I love the pizza roll pops, they look delicious!

  17. your guy made all the treats himself?? now THERE'S a keeper!!


  18. Smores on a stick!? I love that idea. It looks so delicious and simple to make!

    I just recently had one of the cake pops from Starbucks. The lady working gave me a free one to try (score!) and I think I'm hooked. I think they're like 200 calories a piece, but who's counting ;)

  19. Drooooooooooooooooooooool.

    Ooops, sorry about that. I couldn't resist; these treats look delicious!

  20. i remember being smitten over your wedding photographs and what was most special was that your husband made the desserts along with your friends. a labor of love on your most magical day. <3

    i had a small wedding cake and for the groom's cake we had chocolate covered strawberries and "angel bites" from a local bakery-- like bigger sized cake pops minus the sticks :) that's what they remind me of.

    let me know what you decided to put on those sticks! lol


    ps. i am OBSESSED with the starbuck's rocky road one! after a pretty long/sucky work day for both me and my husband yesterday-- we went to eat and watched my Dallas Mavericks game at a sports bar an then drove through the starbuck's drive through, picked up petite dessert and ate them listening to music at the scenic spot of el paso-- where you can see all the lights. perfect tuesday night that included said deliciousness ;)

  21. Those cookie pops look sooooo tempting.
    (And I am impressed with the husband's baking skills.)

  22. Oh man, pie pops need to occur in my life sometime very soon. So adorable!