Tuesday, February 1, 2011

frankie say relax!

on sunday, we did something we never do.  we woke up, grabbed breakfast at a favorite cafe, and cozied up with a movie!  it was the perfect way to spend a rainy sunday morning. 

so far, this week has been pretty busy... and it's only tuesday!  
such is life i suppose.  but all this busyness, plus the fresh memory of our lazy sunday, 
has definitely got me craving more cozy down time.  

{warm woolly sweater: h&m, baby doll dress: gap, belt: f21, jeans: urban outfitters, boots: target, earrings: an old etsy shop which, sadly, has closed.}

some of the things i love to do when i'm super busy, stressed, or overwhelmed are:
put on my favorite sweater
play sweet sweet music
read a totally frivolous magazine
draw with pastels
sip tea
do yoga
watch an indie film
look at pretty pictures on j'adore
twirl in a swooshy dress
read my favorite blogs
play with chloe cat
watch a fire in the fire pit
window shop on ruche and modcloth

and just in case you were wondering, "why kim, what sort of music do you listen to when you have this downtime?," i've included my favorite relaxing playlist of the week.  
i recommend you listen with some tea, soft lighting, and maybe even a bath. 

what is your favorite way to relax?

ps - i LOVED all of your comments on yesterday's post about the hug campaign.  a huge hug to you all!


  1. I'd just stay at home, watch my fav show and just relax.......that's it..

    A big hug back to you !!!

  2. great songs, they will for sure put you in a better mood:)

  3. when I am stressed, I usually go to the gym, watch tv, pray, or do yoga.

    A big hug to you too :)

  4. I just tend to work through the stress, convinced if I get through it all, I'll be able to breathe again. But maybe I do need to step back and calm down first. Your Sunday sounds so lovely. I really do need a relaxing day like that (when I come to visit you, we'll chill). And I love these photos of you -- you're stylish as always, but I really adore the kangaroo on the wall and ladder leaning up against it. You have the cutest backyard.

  5. That sounds like an absolutely blissful Sunday. I can only imagine that there was sunshine as well. I am so ready to move out of Michigan, lol.

  6. I agree with Lauryn, it sounds like a fabulous Sunday! Some days you just need days like that!

    And I love that you have garden 'art'! We don't have any walls in our garden, just a low fence, but maybe I should put a picture on my shed!


    ps: thanks for the pretzel recipe - I'm definitely going to give it a go! Will let you know how I get on!!

  7. I like to relax by crafting or blogging (hehe) or just doing something mindless. Sometimes, depending on how anxious I am, I'll just sit still and take a few deep breaths, and it does wonders for calming my heart down :)

    P.S. You're looking oh-so-cute & stylish, as always :)

  8. I like to blog or read when I need to relax. Candy always helps too!

  9. What a great list of ways to relax! I totally agree with the calming power of music and good "me time" activities.

  10. I read read read. reading relaxes and comforts me like none other. Such a stinkin cute outfit! Seriously, you are adorable!

  11. Love the dress! I love to relax by talking with friends, knitting, thinking of recipes to try, taking a long bath, reading, making collages, writing. Oh, and watching a good movies is always good. I need to see Eat Pray Loves soon.

  12. What a cute outfit! Thanks for the tunes; I could really use them today. I'm looking out the window and Manhattan is a hazy shade of winter right now. Boo.

    I hope things settle down for you soon, but at least you have some favorites to help you through this time (I also love soft, comfy sweaters when I'm feeling particularly stressed). *HUGS*

    (Oh, and yoga always helps calm me down when I'm stressed. And reading and writing).

  13. adorable outfit! i stayed in all day on sunday too since it was raining, but having that time to be cozy is definitely needed!

  14. cute post. i love to snuggle up under a quilt, sip coffee with my guy, have a warm bath, listen to music with lots of acoustic guitar and watch a old favourite movie.
    i'm relaxed when we are home together.
    ...now i'm off to listen to your tunes!

  15. Thanks for the playlist! That dress is adorable.

  16. love the colors in your outfit! so cool that you are a swing instructor. i miss dancing...haven't done it since, um, high school! more street jazz...but always wanted to try swing...looks fun.


  17. it was so nice to just chill on sunday! the perfect weather for staying inside and relaxing and being cozy, and i did the same!

    love your dress!

    and i don't know any of this music, so i need to check it all out!

    relaxing for me is usually sleeping, reading books or mags, watching tv, going for a long walk, hugging on a cat, baking or cooking, etc. :) all good things.

  18. ways i relax...#1 back massage. #2 mexican hot chocolate (if it's cold). #3 listen to sad love songs. hahaha. it's true. and #4 sleep. yes!

    LOOOOVE the outfit! you look so stinkin cute, i almost can't stand it! but i can :)

  19. I read, I yoga, I cook, I bake, and I cuddle. A good cuddle definitely relaxes me. Preferably with four legged fur thing but Inspector Climate will do in a pinch

  20. OKAY, So I don't really relax. I guess I play piano to relax myself sometimes and go for walks outside or just exercise, or read. BUT I'm not ever fully relaxed!

    PS do you watch friends? Because the episode 'the one with the t-shirt' (I just watched it, I'm not that obsessed) Ross has a shirt that Rachel wears to bed that says 'Frankie Say Relax' and it's totally small and to prove a point he wears it! :)


  21. PS I LOVE your outfit! That dress is gorgeous!

  22. soothing music is definitely a plus! I also love to watch cooking shows... it totally relaxes me during stressful times, is that weird?

  23. So I just found your blog via a comment you made on Vintch about using art in therapy. Actually, I had just finished making a very similar comment when I saw yours and thought AH! Kindred spirit! I'm an art therapist :)

  24. First of all, I LOVE your outfit! When I want to relax, I flip through pages of a magazine, read a novel, listen to music, take a drive, etc.

    Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

  25. Love your outfit! It is so cute and what adorable boots! Just found your blog. I think it's great!