Wednesday, February 2, 2011

february intentions

happy second day of february!!  can you believe it's here?  january flew by for me.  at the same time new year's feels like a million weeks ago, not four.  whew!

if you recall, i did something a little different in lieu of resolutions.  i decided to focus on growing one area of my life in deliberate and intentional ways each month, allowing myself extra time or modifications where necessary.  for the month of january, i focused on embracing and growing my inner artist.  i have to say it went pretty well!  i remained dedicated to writing my morning pages most days of the week, i carved out some time to do some creating, i began my search for an acting class, and i took myself on some inspiring artist dates.  i'm pretty happy with the amount of energy i devoted to making my creative growth more of an ingrained part of my life, rather than just something i try to fit in here and there.  i think i'm off to a great start, but lately, it's been getting more difficult to stay energized in this area.  so instead of moving on to a whole new goal, i'm going to continue working on growing the artistic side of me through february, only kicked up a notch.

this month i hope to...
* continue writing my morning pages at least 5 days a week.
* continue visiting acting classes.
* practice more music {singing & ukulele}.
* begin committing my performance to video {music, monologues, etc.}.
* write at least one short story/film concept each week.
* go on at least two artist dates.
* carry an art journal everywhere i go.
* wake up at 7a, even when i don't have to.


in addition to growing my creative side, i'd like to focus more on making progress in the career world.
it's difficult living in a new city when your field works mostly through networking.  i had plenty of contacts up in san francisco, but here in los angeles, i still feel very out of the loop.
so, in order to find a great therapy internship this month,
i also plan to...
* network, network, network! make that extra effort to reach out & meet other therapists.
* attend at least one meeting put on by my professional organization.
* research volunteer opportunities in my field.

how are your goals or intentions coming along?
are you still going strong or have you hit a slump?


  1. Happy february to u too Kim.. i hope everything goes well for you.

    As for mine, so far so good. Life is on track..(at the moment).Well, we all have those days, it all comes down on how we deal with it :)

    I love this post! You are a very inspiring lady ! hugs!!

  2. Really great ideas, Kim! All of them. My goals are definitely on my list of things to do, but with my new blog I've not had time to get to them like I thought I would. I was really hoping to finish editing my book, find a school to attend next (school) year, plus start figuring out how to meditate (ha!), exercise more (mostly yoga), and eat more raw food. I am behind! Maybe I should do a monthly goal like you have so it doesn't seem like I have so many things to do.

  3. Kim, you always impress me. I sometimes feel like my days pass without much intention, but it's difficult to plan things when schoolwork eats up my time. I've been focusing on doing better in classes and preparing to write papers. It's a bit mundane but that's the way it has to be for now -- at least, until I can find that moment to get everything done and reflect. And I'm excited you're doing more with work this month. I think getting out and networking makes all the difference.

  4. Good job! I love all of your intentions for February! Ukelele would be a really cool instrument to learn I think! My goals are going pretty well although I should probably start working on some of the long term ones or bigger goals (mostly travel). I can't believe it's only been a month since New Years either! Feels so much longer...

  5. Networking can be such an intimidating process, but it's worth it in the long run! I'm sure February will be a successful month for you!

  6. I love your goals Kim, I hope you accomplish them all!

  7. That's so great that you're going so strong with your goals! :) That really makes me happy to hear! Unfortunately, I've been traveling a lot and feeling overwhelmed with everything that's going on, so it's hard to even get my focus on what I want to change. But I am still working on it, definitely :)
    Good luck this month! I don't know many therapists in this area for you to network with, but if I think of anything, I'll definitely send it your way! :)

  8. Your post makes me want to make my own list of February intentions! Love how you plan on making use of mornings! That's my favorite time of day! I love sitting in the living room, with a steaming mug of coffee/tea, a book or journal, and today, the snow falling outside! Happy February to you, dear!

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  10. I like the idea of setting intentions for the month. I need to do this. May have to post about that soon.
    I just saw a ukele cd/mp3 that made me think of you.

  11. Are you the most talented person out there or what? Seriously, you have such skill and ambition it could fuel the world. Go you!

  12. This is wonderful, Kim! You are on a roll now and I don't think anything will stop you...

    My goals are going well. I like focusing on one thing each week, adding on to the goals of the week before. I'm totally staying on track as a result.

    I'm glad you got my little postcard. I have an entire set of retro print cards. Love 'em!

  13. Networking is key lady! Stay positive and love these mini goals. If only we all had more time...your list sounds wonderful.

  14. gaaaaaaaaah i hate thinking about doing stuff

  15. You dated a concert pianist? Amazing! :)
    I love that you play Ukulele! You should try to learn the song "Tonight You Belong to Me" tis lovely!
    PS What's an Artist date?

  16. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!! so cute! my goals for the year are actually going strong!!!!

  17. I love the idea of the artist dates. That's one thing I don't do by matinees, yes. But artist dates...not yet. ;) Sounds pretty amazing!!

  18. Happy February to you, too! These are such great career goals. I wish you the best of luck in meeting them all :) I also want to do the same thing with my networking efforts. Keep at it while the momentum is strong, girl!!!

  19. It's destiny that I'm reading this. One of my goals is to get back into a regular exercise routine. It's so much better for my overall health and well-being. Just now I am 45 minutes off my first real workout back and had just started to make up the old "tomorrow" excuses. It's the first time I'm experiencing those and they need to stop! Okay I'm going to clear out the space and drink some water in preparation.

    Thanks for the motivation!!


  20. I love the 7am idea. You can do so much with those early morning hours that you don't feel up to later in the day.

  21. these sound like wonderful wonderful intentions! I like how you're tackling the seems much more manageable this way :) one of my goals was to run a marathon in May, which by default, I can't do because of an injury from last week. BOO. Now my new intention is to explore the world of pilates and yoga! Happy February! xoxo {av}