Friday, December 24, 2010


merry christmas eve!
to all of you who celebrate christmas!  


the mister is working most of the day, but tonight we'll be off to make music with some friends.  not only is this christmas weekend, but we're also involved with the fun festivities of one of my best friend's weddings.  i love having so many friends around this time of year.  usually i'm all alone for christmas, so this is a pretty nice change, and i am SO THANKFUL for it! 

here are some of the other things i'm grateful for:

* surviving the rain this week.
* finally getting Sunshine!
* getting to hang out with one of my best friends after months of her being away traveling the world.
* the kind of life partner who drives several hours out of his way just to come get me when i can't see to drive home in the rain.
* how full our tree is, not just for materialistic gain, but because of the time and effort we've put into providing some special things for each other.  i can't wait to see the mr.'s face when he opens his gifts!
* the chance to start new traditions in our new life together.
* diet coke
* being able to experience the mehndi celebration, which was full of such joy, beauty, and love.
* all the great christmas music & movies that are full of nostalgia and happy memories.
* how blessed we've been with finding odd jobs where we can.
* always having food, rent money, and warm clothes.
* having a life filled with supportive, loving people both near and far.
* i've said this before and i'll say it again - i'm grateful for this blog and all the amazing people i've met {you!} through it.  i truly hope you are having an amazing holiday!

what are you thankful for this christmas?

ps - make sure you keep this important idea in mind this weekend, and if you want a fun playlist of christmas music, here's one with some of my favs!


  1. I feel so blessed and thankful for having such wonderful siblings for what we've gone through these past few days, it definitely strengthen us all together and realized that nothing triumphs family. Family always comes first!

    Merry Christmas Kim!!!!!!!!!

  2. I am thankful for Christmas music and pretty Christmas lights and having my family here.

    Merry Christmas Kim!

  3. Merry Christmas Eve, Kim -- and an early Happy Christmas! I'm thankful to be home and with family and my boyfriend again. Hope your holiday is filled with merriment and light!

  4. have a great time and wishing you the best on this christmas!!!

  5. Merry Christmas to you! What a wonderful list. Thanks for always being so wonderful and such a supportive blogger.