Wednesday, December 22, 2010

a very merry playlist!

my poor husband has been working long hours at a place where they play christmas music 24/7.  luckily they play everyone's favorite holiday classics {bing, frank, nat}, but if you listen to the same songs, done in the same style, by the same people, for 9 hours a day everyday, it will make you go insane!  so when the mister told me he didn't want to listen to any christmas music at home unless it was completely different from {but equally as good as} from the music at work, i said, "challenge accepted!!"  


so i pulled together some great songs for a very delightful, yet unique, christmas playlist.  it's perfect for an evening in by the fire with a hot drink, baking those christmas goodies, or wrapping up gifts for your loved ones!

of course it was tough to pair this playlist down.  for more holiday music, i recommend checking out the following albums {grooveshark is a great place to find these}:  + sufjan stevens' box set album songs for christmas; + a fine frenzy's album oh blue christmas; + the boy least likely to's album christmas special; + and for a very silly sort of anti-christmas album {for all you lovable bah-humbugs out there}, check out arcade fire's a very arcade christmas.

{grooveshark can sometimes be a little finicky. 
if it stops playing, just refresh the page and start where you left off. 
sorry for the hassle!}

in other news, my week started off rough, but has now completely turned around!  not only have we been getting actual hand-written christmas cards in the mail, but we've also been getting delicious treats from our neighbors, our little tree is filling up with gifts at its base, and my dear friend carmella got me my absolute favorite apron from anthropologie!!! we're trying to save the opening of our gifts for christmas day, but i just couldn't resist when she brought me a pretty box.  when i opened it and saw the gorgeous apron i screamed and danced around my kitchen. i haven't taken it off since.  ahem, carmella - you know, now that i have such a fantastic apron i'll probably be baking quite a bit more for my friends...  :)

i hope your pre-christmas week is going fabulously!


  1. I was baking up a storm today, in a very pretty apron. Yay for a brand new one from Anthropologie for you!

    Speaking of handwritten Christmas cards... I got yours today. Loved it!I adore snowmen and the one you drew is just so cute. Thanks, Kim! Enjoy the rest of this wonderful week.

  2. I love handwritten cards! They are so wonderful!

    Congrats on your new apron! Happy to hear that your week is turning around! Enjoy! :).

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. How fantastic that you got the apron! Woohoo! You definitely are loved by many.

  4. Sweet. This is a lovely mix and very good.
    I hope you and the mister have a very merry christmas!

  5. I love you! This is an awesome, awesome list! I also heard a few Christmas songs from The Killers yesterday which I got a real kick out of. One was funny, one was lovely, and one was plain strange.

    P.S. I have to tell you, I so often save reading your posts for last, so I have some time with them. They're always so wonderful.

  6. fabulous selection! My favorite thing ever this year is to go to the target site and I've downloaded these songs to my phone, computers everywhere I go.

  7. This is the BEST playlist ever. I already had A Fine Frenzy's and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs but all of these put together...perfection. Thank you

  8. aprons are the best, especially from anthropologie! we love the sufjan christmas cds at our house, can't wait to listen to the others!

  9. What a great idea! I worked in the mall when I was younger and the Christmas songs drove me CRAZY! Especially because they start playing them in November!

  10. i wish i could have send more cards but time caught with me and sent the ones I could... love the playlist, you included some of my fave bands!

  11. thanks for your concern! :)

    you're sweet! merry xmas!

    love, polly

  12. love this playlist! I saw Local Natives live back in May and they are sooo fun. hope you are having a great holiday season :)


  13. i'll be listening to this list for the rest of the week!

    i'm so glad you are enjoying your apron! :)