Thursday, September 2, 2010

hold the phone!

it's september already?! and not only that, but it's the 2nd?! can you believe it? that means my wedding is almost here, and my honeymoon, and the end of all my good excuses for not having a job {whoops!}.

it also means we're that much closer to fall! i know i've only experienced about a month of summer, but i'm pretty much over it. lately i've been missing those gloriously foggy, chilly san francisco days. days when i looked like this pretty much all the time:

a cozy hat, may hair down about my shoulders, sweaters and jeans... delightful! and this picture was taken on a warm summer day if you can believe it! yes fall weather is the best. this fall i'm looking forward to eating gourds and roasting seeds, sitting by the fire with hot apple cider, and wearing my favorite scarves again! [long dreamy sigh...]

what's your favorite thing about fall?

in other news, i went to michael's this weekend to get wedding stuff and the cashier said to me, "three weeks? that's cutting it pretty close huh?" {little did she know that i hadn't even started planning my wedding until a month before.} so i barricaded myself in the house yesterday with loads of caffeine and my most motivating music {a mix of the white stripes and abba anyone?} and checked a few more things off my wedding list! dannon has also been cooking up a storm, making our wedding menu, which means i've been eating lots of cream cheese sandwiches and cake... mmm!


  1. Oh my, only 3 weeks till your wedding?! How exciting :)

    My favorite thing about fall: Crisp mornings, pumpkin everything, hot apple cider @ the cider mill, cozy sweaters, etc etc...I could go ON and ON!! :)

  2. Every October, my {7} cousins and I have a Halloween party/sleepover :) Its my absolute favorite thing about fall!

    But I also love the PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE!!!!!!!!

  3. k after you're wedding you should be very proud of yourself for pulling this off in such a short time. i've never done it myself but i hear wedding planning is stress-FUL! and you make it sound so easy peasy!

  4. I am SO happy it's fall. Fun clothes, crisp weather, apple picking and pumpkin patches, how cider... I could go on and on.

    me oh my i can hardly wait! its still a little hot here. hopefully soon i'll be wearing hats and scarves and boots and sipping on some hot coco!!

  6. wow, i'm so impressed dannon is cooking all the food! And that you've put this whole wedding together in such a short time!! You totally deserve your relaxing honeymoon. Oh and I'm very excited for fall (my fav season!).

    ps: so awesome your sister looked like that girl! she definitely should have kept her clothes for you. ;) sure makes me think twice about giving away things to good will.

  7. I love fall weather too. Unfortunately we are still in for another month of heat.

  8. Good for you, getting wedding stuff done! I love the fall weather too -- and colors. It's my favorite season because all of nature explodes into beautiful colors.

  9. Fall is most definitely the best season. You get a crisp feeling in the air, the pumpkin farms, picking apples, pies, cider, hay rides, cute clothes, cuddling up on a cool night, beautiful leaves, and living in the mountains. Love, love, love fall.

    Three weeks really IS coming up! Wow. I bet you're super excited!

  10. What a beautiful picture; you look so happy and natural!!!

    My favorite thing about fall is, well, everything -- the crisp weather, pumpkin baked goods, Halloween, sweaters and boots, etc., etc.

  11. Scarf season! Lovelove scarf season.

  12. oh me too!
    i've been in LA for five years.
    still waiting for proper fall weather.
    in my opinion 68 degrees does not equal fall.
    maybe this year...