Wednesday, September 1, 2010


gasp! what's this?! two posts in one day?! that's right, because i have something important to ask.

in all of my wedding planning and honeymoon planning, i've started thinking about my dear ole blog. i'll be gone for 2 weeks from Sept. 20-Oct. 1 and i've had a couple ideas for my blog while i'm gone. one of those ideas includes you! i would love to have some lovely guests take over while i'm away doing something on the theme of love {since that's the reason why i'll be gone afterall!}. maybe you could talk about your honeymoon, wedding, a favorite date, something sweet a dear friend did for you, a favorite memory with your family, . . . anything love-related goes!

so if you're interested, please shoot me an email at kimlawsonmft{at}gmail{dot}com.

and thanks!!!


  1. Gah I so wish I could but September is always a really busy month of me. I look forward to reading the guest posts though!

  2. I'm there for you, Kim! Will email you later. Right now should really drag my butt to school and figure out what I'm teaching next week!

  3. Cute blog, just started following :)

  4. I'm emailing you now! You know how i love love :)

  5. That's sounds like so much fun! I might shoot you an email about it tomorrow :)