Wednesday, September 1, 2010


yesterday dannon and i got our immunization shots for our honeymoon . . .

. . . and i was not happy about it!

i believe my exact words were "i'd rather have hepatitis than get a stupid shot!" followed by expletives as dannon carried me kicking and screaming into the clinic, periodically chasing after me when i wiggled away, and pinning me in the chair while i got shot. good thing he's bigger and stronger!

okay, i may not be remembering it exactly how things went, but the point is i really don't like shots. yes, i did spend an hour with a needle when i got my tattoo... and yes, i got my ears pierced the old fashioned way with a big guy and a big needle. but shots seem so much scarier to me!

afterward i ran over to H&M for a while, like a cat hiding after a trip to the vet, and i bought something pretty to make myself feel better.

in 6 months i have to do it all over again {eek!}, but for now i can go to thailand and not get hepatitis! hooray! and that was the last thing we needed to do to get ready for our honeymoon - check!

do you have any fun or dramatic travel stories?


  1. AHHH SHOTS!!!
    no me gusta!
    i hate shots!!
    but way to go being brave!!

  2. Bummer! On the bright side, you are one step closer to the trip!

  3. you are a hoot-- i love your hepatitis quote!!

    hope you are feeling better now-- i used to get shots every week for a year in 6th grade for allergies. YOWZA.

    & love that you went shopping after, you are a girl after my own heart!

  4. Kimmm!!! You're adorable. I hate shots, too! Seriously, someday when I get married I want to go somewhere awesome for my honeymoon, but I know it will probably require shots (I also want to go to Haiti sometime with my friend's church, which requires malaria pills....YUCK!) so I feel your pain. I hope everything is going splendidly for the wedding so far! I can't wait to see those pictures! :) :) Your blog continuously makes me smile, just so you know.

  5. I know how you feel, my dear. I got a needle in my arm last week too -- the doctor took some blood -- and it's STILL black and blue.

  6. Sorry you had to get the shot, but at least you don't react the way your sister does. By the way, you look adorable when you are upset.

  7. I hate shots!!

    The most dramatic travel story I have is the time M and I were driving to Memphis from New Orleans and were THISCLOSE to running out of gas in the middle of nowhere bayou....driving 20 miles with the gas light on is DRAMATIC!!