Wednesday, August 25, 2010

my totally extravagant and mostly unrealistic birthday wish list!

today is my birthday! 29 years ago i began my life. crazy! it really freaks me out when i think about how the simpsons has been on air for 20 years, and that i used to watch the very first episodes on the tracey ullman show - that was 20 years ago?! crazy!!!

so today, i thought i would take the chance and share my
"in my wildest dreams" wish list:

* a super fun tree house with a rope swing, a climbing wall, and maybe even a couple elephants in the yard! there would also be a stargazing platform and a great view of the ocean. two blocks away would be a cute strip of cafes, bakeries, and vintage stores. there would be a "bikes only" path to get there so i could ride my bike without a helmet, preserving my cute hairdo {am i right ladies?}.
you would all be invited for the weekend!

* an offer from modcloth to give me any dress of theirs for free whenever i wanted one!

* a cute scooter for getting around town, complete with an invisible bubble guaranteeing my safety.

* a super huge, inspiring, cute art studio that is always stocked with all sorts of fun stuff and always cleans itself up after me!

* a job where i could decide what sort of fun thing to do that day {bake? create flower arrangements? make hair clips? act? paint? make books? make gift baskets? dance? sew dresses? sing? knit window garlands? talk to people? travel? write? build
mobiles?}, and still get paid!

* be a backup singer for zooey deschanel! {la-la-la!}

* a private music festival with arcade fire, sufjan stevens, radiohead, and sigur ros in an old stone cathedral!

and that's all! not too much to ask for, right?

{photos found here, here, here, here, here, here, & here}


  1. Not too much to ask for at all! ;)
    It's your birthday- dream BIG, I say!

    Happy Birthday Kim! Hope it's marvellous!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, my dear! Don't give up on any of those dreams, but if you become a backup singer for Zooey, bring me along, please? I'm a big believer that you can have anything you want, you just need to plan a little sometimes. I hope you have a fantastic birthday and many, many good things come your way.

    And I have to tell you that your comment on my post yesterday made me laugh so much. Thank you for being so awesome.

  3. happy birthday! i really love your last request. Hoping your day is extra special.

  4. Happy birthday, and what a great list. If any of it comes true I would like to know how you did it:)

  5. Not too much to ask for at all! Happy happy birthday!

  6. aw, i love all of these ideas! especially can see you as zoey's backup singer, how awesome would that be! happy 29th! xx

  7. Happy birthday! I'm loving every single thing on that list of yours! Lets hope they come true. :) You could probably step right off the tree house onto an elephant's back and ride around. Magical. Hope your 29th is a lot of fun!

  8. Happy Birthday my darling!
    That job sounds wonderful.. if you get one let them know im available!

  9. aaaaalllllsooooo!
    You asked about wedding make up.. check these vids out, this woman is amazing!
    Hope they help!

  10. i want that job too!!! hahaha!

    happy birthday lady! you don't look a day over 20 so dontcha worry a thang ;)

    hope all your wildest wishes come true!

  11. Oh gosh, that is a dream birthday.

    Happy belated birthday!