Thursday, August 26, 2010

birthday fun!

since i hadn't thought about my birthday for very long before my birthday actually arrived, i had NO idea what i was going to do yesterday. so i took my friend kelli's advice and went to the beach and ate whatever i wanted without thinking about the calories {calories don't accumulate on one's birthday
right?}. it was great advice and we had so much fun! thanks kelli!

we drove over to the santa monica beach and lounged in the sand. dannon swam in the ocean but i never got the nerve {it's so cold in that water!}. we watched the ferris wheel on the pier and wondered in amazement at how many people still rollerblade on the boardwalk.

while we were there i also got burned. and i don't mean getting schooled by an awesome 'your mom' joke. i mean red, crispy, fire-hot burned! it hurts... all over! but i'm so glad it's happening now while i'm at home, so this irish/swedish san franciscan pasty white skin can get ready for the hot thailand sun on our honeymoon!

later that night we walked over to an amazing restaurant by our house with the best gnocchi i've ever had! seriously, i wanted to marry it and have little gnocchi babies {dannon was jealous}.

then we roamed around our neighborhood a little and found an AMAZING book store and the Time Travel store!!! we LOVED the pirate store in san francisco, and were beyond excited that we moved a few blocks away from the l.a. branch. if you aren't familiar with these stores, they were started by dave eggers and there are a bunch of them in major cities across the country, each with a unique theme. they serve as writing workshops for underprivileged kids and the silly store front is used to raise money and awareness. they're awesome!

dannon, knowing the key to my heart is music, gave me a gift card for amoeba record store. now i can get more records!!!

and that, dear friends, was my birthday.

thanks everyone for your sweet comment and birthday wishes!
...and back to wedding planning!


  1. Well aside from the burn it sounds like it was a great birthday!

  2. Calories don't accumulate on your birthday. On other days I just use a phrase I heard an elderly lady say once, "We won't gain the weight till tomorrow, and by that time we aren't home".
    Sounds like a wonderful birthday, just besides the burn, but aloe very does help, just used a whole bottle on our summervacation:)