Tuesday, August 24, 2010

25 days until our wedding!

i feel like i eat, breath, and sleep wedding stuff these days! i often wake up in the middle of the night and remember something i need to make or buy for the wedding.
so far i've made a couple books, some decorative cross stitch, a ton of little fabric and paper flowers, some pinwheels, pillows, and a few other things that i want to keep as a surprise for our guests {it's so good though i can hardly stand keeping it a secret!}.

the things i haven't thought about at all are my vows or how i'm going to look - you know, all that unimportant stuff. :)

in other news, tomorrow is my 29th birthday and i completely forgot about it! yesterday i got several birthday cards in the mail and at first i was so confused as to why my grandparents and mom were sending me things - i actually thought it was early wedding stuff! oh brother.


  1. Well, happy birthday to you tomorrow! You MUST be busy and preoccupied if you forgot your own birthday...

    Love the Dannon & Kim comic book. Stick people are my favourite!

    4 more days in London. This summer has flown by!

    E xo

  2. LoL. I was cracking up about you forgetting your birthday. Weddings can take a lot of a person(I've heard). Hope you get some breathing time soon.

  3. How wonderful! A birthday and a wedding - there's so much going on right now. :) Love the booklet! You must have a gift for arts and crafts, looks like a lot of work. Happy early birthday Kim!

  4. Aww, I love how homemade and original your wedding is going to be. Happy early birthday - you better take a little wedding break to celebrate! :) And thanks so much for your sweet comment about doing long distance! It helps to hear stories about other couples making it work!!

  5. ah so cute!! i love how crafty you are getting!
    and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

  6. how can you forget your BIRTHDAY!!! the horror!!! i would never do that. birthdays are worth more to me than anything, but that's just me :)

    happy early birthday! can't wait to see all the secret wedding stuff. i bet it's good!

  7. Haha... sounds like this past year - when i woke up to emails saying happy birthday and realized it was my birthday. sigh... a sing we're getting older, eh??

    I LOVE the embroidery!! You are one talented chic, girl. I really wish that I had taken more time to handcraft things for our wedding... I made a lot, but the things you are creating are so infused with your personality!! I am so so SO happy your venue debacle worked out... it looks like your day will still be everything you hoped.

  8. i hope you had such a LOVELY birthday!!! and i loooove those embroideries!