Monday, August 23, 2010

mini adventures in l.a.

this weekend i took a little vacation from wedding stuff... well, okay, i managed to work in some wedding stuff, but for the most part i just had fun.

saturday evening we went up to the griffith observatory and tried to find our house. we were each totally sure we had found our house and fought viciously over who was right, only to discover we were both totally wrong! :) we'll go back when we get to know the city better.

it was gorgeous up there, though, with the sun starting to set. you could see for miles around - the ocean, the mountains, the valley - it made me realize just how small i am. there are so many people out there!

on sunday i went to a summer social put on by the professional organization to which i belong - the association of marriage and family therapists. i never thought a work function would be so fun! they had an art exhibit, a beatles sing-a-long {!}, and a drum circle!!! this here is a pack of psychotherapists in the greater l.a. area... with their drums!:

yes, it was hilarious, and wonderful.

i also learned about some great classes and workshops like laughing yoga and expressive arts classes. i really hope i get to check them out soon... and who knows, maybe even teach something similar one of these days!

how was your weekend?


  1. Noah's brother lives in LA which is the exact opposite side of the country from us. We saw him on our beach trip two weeks ago which was a surprise (in the time we've been together, I've only seen this brother about five times). He was telling us about living in LA. It sounds so wonderful! I'm glad you're having fun exploring - that's always been my favorite part! Beautiful photos and the drum circle looks awesome. :)

  2. It sounds like you both had a fun weekend. The view is amazing and you look so cute in your summer dress. Hopefully it will stay cooler than usual for a while, so your bodies can adjust to the hotter climate. Love you.

  3. I was watching the new show on E! last night, the spin crowd (it's about a LA PR firm) and LA is such a fun, fab city! I'm soo thrilled (I know I say this in every comment) that you live there so I can live vicariously through you :)
    Omg, I totally did laughing yoga one time. It was weird but fun! a bunch of "ha ha ho" "ha ha Ho's" and then you just crack up saying it.

  4. It's always fun to explore a new city, but even better when it's a place you're staying for a while:)

  5. That sounds like a fun weekend. Sometimes a break from planning is good. I have never planned a wedding. So, I imagine it can make one crazy.

  6. What a great weekend. Love the picture of you...

  7. wow, i haven't been up to griffith in a while. the sprawl of the city always amazes me up there!

  8. i love L.A. adventures. :) they're so fun. i live in orange county but am in L.A. all the time!