Friday, August 20, 2010

a little {blogland} fun for your weekend

since i moved to l.a. a few weeks ago, i've lost all concept of days of the week. dannon and i frequently ask each other, "is it tuesday or wednesday?" and ultimately have to turn to our phones to get the answer. these days mostly consist of dawn-to-dusk wedding planning and crafting.

cause there's only 29 more days until our wedding!

i have so many ideas for fun things at my wedding. i keep thinking that this is my one big shot to throw a totally guilt-free, elaborate, and ridiculously awesome party! so of course i've been spending way more time than is healthy on inspirational blogs looking for fun diy ideas and printables.

and now i'm up to my ears in great ideas! since i can't do them all, and since i think they're really cool, i thought i'd share them here with you!

one place i love is kind over matter. they have so many uplifting images, quotes, ideas, and freebies! i love the free compliments. it would be perfect to post somewhere public like a college dorm or your local gym. maybe even a telephone poll! they also have a version where you can write in your own compliments - so cute!

i also love i diy. it's a blog all about diy weddings, but most of their projects and freebies could be used for any party. i especially love their pretty cd sleeves!

and last but not least, there's make, do & send, a blog full of fun things including a great roundup of freebies and downloads around the interweb. there's all sorts of things, even lots of fun kid stuff. i especially loved these book plate printables:

there you have it folks! i'll probably be hard at work this weekend on {what else?} wedding stuff, with the exception of a super fun-looking summer social with my professional organization on sunday.

hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. oh i love all these diy ideas! especially the cd cover, so cute! :)

  2. yayay you are so fun :)
    I LOVE the compliments sheet. I am going to print and post it at my desk right now!!

  3. Ooh, these all look great. Will have to spend some time perusing them when we're home again (8 more days in London!) Couldn't wait that long to pop by and say hi to you though, Kim! Sounds like a lot of stuff has been happening. Glad you've found a new wedding venue, and that you're finding ways to keep cool in L.A. I'll be back again on a regular basis once I'm home, I promise!

    Cheers from jolly old England,
    E xo

  4. I love the compliments sheet, well they are all fun ideas:)