Thursday, August 19, 2010

yup, this is a post about the weather

remember when i was living in san francisco and complaining about how cold it was there? and remember how excited i was to experience warm summer weather? and how i said that i would probably hate the heat after a couple weeks of living in l.a.?

well, here it is folks - the time has quickly come where i am no longer excited about hot weather.

everyone is raving about how this is the coolest summer l.a. has had in 30 years, but i am dying here! i am not used to anything over 60 degrees. plus, our house doesn't have air conditioning {oh the humanity!!}, only fans, which is the main problem. yesterday dannon and i set aside tons of stuff we needed to get done and went to the mall just so we could cool off . . . THE MALL!!! we were desperate.

i'm considering making some room in the fridge where i can sit and read or work on wedding stuff. i have wifi so my computer would work in there and everything. yup, that just might have to do for now.

here's to staying cool any way we can, and to ice cold passion tea lemonade!


  1. I hope you will find a way to keep cool:)

  2. Yikes! My suggestion is to find a local cafe to relax in for the afternoon. My air conditioning went out early in the summer but luckily I could get it fixed early. It is NOT fun to go without air conditioning in the summer months! At least at a cafe you can get a nice iced latte too! ;)

  3. Although i'm always cold at home in england I think id hate the constant heat too! That drink looks delicious though! YUM

  4. wah! i want that weather!!!

    actually, i really shouldn't cry...the weather is perfect today.

  5. Ugh. Although this week hasn't been too bad heat-wise, the past two were KILLER! My new job doesn't have air, and my classroom doesn't have windows. It's amazing how much body heat little people generate! And our apartment doesn't have air, because we are too stubborn to buy a window unit.

    I find that a cold shower, then lying on top of fresh sheets in front of a fan cools me down and keeps me from being a total grouch. that, and lots of take out and iced coffee!

  6. Ugh, icky. I just turned our air conditioning on again and it's not even supposed to be that hot today. However the humidity is KILLER.