Monday, July 26, 2010

what can i say...

this weekend was so much fun!!! i got a tattoo, went swing dancing, and my friends threw me a surprise going away party! pictures to follow, don't you worry. but today i have to do something about my apartment. this morning i awoke to learn i completely slept through a giant earthquake! see?!

okay, okay, there was no earthquake. i only wish i could blame the colossal mess that is my apartment on a natural disaster, but this is of my own making. packing, getting rid of stuff and living all in the same small room is making me a little crazy. hopefully after today all that stuff will be packed away neatly in boxes or a giveaway pile and i'll be able to focus on other things again.

hope you all had super fun weekends!


  1. A TATTOO?!??! holy moly. pictures please!

  2. oh man packing and moving is not fun!