Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my first tattoo!

that's right folks! that super secret surprise that i didn't want to mention last friday was my tattoo appointment. i wasn't sure if the design was going to be finished in time for my appointment so i didn't want to say anything, but everything worked out perfectly and i got it!

my new friend is a little tree swallow taking flight. it represents everything that happened to me over the past 5 years living in san francisco, all the ways that i've grown, and my free spirit.

i went to clio sady at the diving swallow tattoo in oakland. i had seen some of her designs online and then i met a barista at ritual coffee with awesome tattoos clio had done, so it was settled.
clio is awesome! a great artist, super easy to work with around designs, and very gentle in the chair.
it actually didn't hurt at all! i know that it depends greatly on where you get a tattoo on your body, but i only felt a slight scratching as she was doing it.
peice of cake!

i love my little bird. simple, sweet, free-spirited!


  1. so cute! :) and luckily it didnt hurt! thats the first ive ever heard that!

  2. just stumbled across your blog :) your new birdy friend is very cute. i have a bird myself, on the top of my foot. it's true, some places hurt more than others. nice blog, btw.

  3. that tattoo is adorable! i want one, but i don't know what to get, and it obviously would have to mean something pretty intense for me to get it permanently inked on my body. :) i love it! i'm glad it didn't hurt! i've been hearing that a lot lately, but i bet i'd bawl.

  4. you are brave! : ) it's darling!

  5. WHAT!?! it's PERFECT!!!!

    oh i love it! what a beautiful symbolic tattoo...and i think it's awesome that you got it from a lady tattoo artist.

    i love it!!!
    go you!!

  7. Love it! Ive been debating a second one, but it would have to be sometime when we are back in the states for good. We dont have the money right now...boo.

  8. You know, I am the big sister...I am supposed to do things before you! I dont have my tattoo yet:( BUT...I love, love, love yours! And I love that it has meaning and sentiment behind it, with a design that isnt just picked off the display wall. And you must take after mom...hers didnt hurt either. Its just lovely, Kim.

  9. I love your tattoo! I'm also thinking of getting one soon on my wrist but I'm terribly nervous of the pain. Eeeep!