Friday, July 23, 2010

happy friday!

wow, can you believe the weekend is here already? this time next week i'll be loading up a moving van! ah! so exciting.

since this is my last weekend here in my favorite city in the world i have a lot of goals: lindy in the park, seeing some friends, dinner at my favorite restaurant, the gilroy garlic festival, and one other super secret surprise that i'll let you in on next week, so long as everything goes smoothly. i'm still feeling under the weather, but it's getting better. hopefully i'll be up to all that fun.

this weekend i also hope to make some progress with the purging of my worldly possessions. when i moved to san francisco, i got rid of everything in my apartment and got on a plane with two boxes of belongings. it was so liberating to just rid myself of stuff. 5 years later and i somehow have acquired a lot of stuff again. i'm really looking forward to living in a super small space where i'll have a good excuse to cleanse my life again. sure it's hard, but nothing a good breakup playlist can't cure.

and because i'm feeling super nostalgic, here's a photo from my first few months living in san francisco back in 2005 - we threw a pirate party where i was staying on treasure island and this beautiful lady ended up being one of my favorite people ever! oh the good times i've had in the city by the bay!

happy weekend everyone!


  1. Happy Friday, Kim! Enjoy your last ever weekend in San Francisco. I know you'll be making the most of every minute!

  2. i cant imagine only moving with 2 boxes! it would be a good cleanse though!

    have a great weekend!

  3. awww how sad! but yay for things to come. very excited for you.

    enjoy your last few days here in norcal. wish i was going to the garlic festival too. i once ate a half a bag of their garlic popcorn and my breathe smelled like garlic for two days.

  4. Good luck with your move!! Two boxes - that sounds like the best move ever. Though I'm like you - I seem to accumulate stuff at the speed of light, even though I try not to...

    Can't wait to see your tattoo!


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  6. Hope your move goes well! That would be scary for me, to move. Wishing you the best!

  7. SO EXCITING!!!!!
    happy last weekend! i hope your move goes super smoothly!!

  8. Only two boxes of stuff? Ah that's crazy! Good for you!