Wednesday, June 23, 2010

3 about me!

i was tagged by sarah c of auburn street, one of my favorite blogs, with "3 things about me." this was a pretty fun one. although i must say, it was pretty difficult pairing everything down to just 3!

3 names i go by:
* starsky
* kimsky
* kimmer-skimmer

3 places i have been:
* scotland {edinburgh, loch ness, loch lomond}
* death valley national park
* watching shooting stars on a bald in the appalachian mountains

me in death valley

3 favorite drinks:
* tazo awake black tea
* chai tea lattes
* kombucha

3 jobs i have had:
* elementary school teacher {mostly kindergarten}
* legal assistant at a law firm
* currently - a marriage and family therapist

3 tv shows i watch:
* the office
* weeds
* the daily show

3 places i would like to visit:
* nepal
* australia {the fiance's motherland}
* thailand

3 favorite retro tv shows {since i don't actually have a tv, i'm going to change this to my 3 favorite concerts - all of which i highly recommend}:
* the polyphonic spree {probably the happiest experience i've ever had}
* radiohead {magic, pure magic}
* tied: weezer {whilst dancing in the warm rain of atlanta} and sigur ros {whilst dancing in the warm rain of berkeley}

3 places i have lived:
* madison, wisconsin
* chattanooga, tennessee
* bangor, maine

3 favorite dishes:
* banana house's yellow curry with tofu
* a strawberry nutella crepe with whip cream
* biscuits with egg gravy

3 things i am looking forward to:
* moving to los angeles and wearing summer clothes again!
* our amazing honeymoon to thailand where we'll have our own elephant!
* all the tons of changes that will be happening in the next couple months - i love change!

me in our future neighborhood, silverlake, in los angeles!

3 people i am tagging:
* leah from lovely life of leah
* emma jade from daisy chain adventures
* alli from reasons to smile


  1. ooh i love this! the places that you have been seem soo cool!

    and of course your favorite foods? yes please!!

  2. I love posts like this. So much fun to learn more about you. If you're Starsky, is Dannon Hutch?

    I'm with you on the awake tea and the chai tea lattes... which I indulge in far too often!

    So excited for all your exciting changes coming up... You're going to be a busy (and very happy) girl!

  3. You are a family therapist? Awesome. I am in social work and I work as a counselor for troubled teens and young adults! And yes, SF is the best!


  4. those are some pretty impressive and unique professions! My friend is a teacher and wants to shoot herself! I think it's time for her to see what else she could do for a living.

    I went to thailand a few years back, it's amazing!
    and I love me some radiohead as well! <3

  5. oh how fun!
    you've been to such great places!
    and i can't believe you lived in Chattanooga! a bunch of my friends go to school there so i road trip it up like every 2 weeks since its only a couple hours away!

  6. I love this so much! I always enjoy learning about the people whose blogs I read :) This is a really fun tag.

  7. that picture of you in death valley is amazing! and loved reading all these facts ;)

  8. i just love that thailand is one of the places you can't wait to visit, and you get to go there in such a short time!

    oh, and i totally want to go to nepal someday, just to climb a teensy bit of Mt Everest. And meet a sherpa. My dear friends got engaged while on a motorcycle tour of nepal. Oh, and they are getting married in Costa Rica. Pretty awesome.

    Glad you decided to play along!

  9. You lived in Chattanooga?? I absolutely adore that city! It's great!

    Great list, this was fun!