Thursday, June 24, 2010

sharing is hard.

{photo from weheartit}

i've been mentally preparing myself to live with dannon for a couple months now and i'm starting to wrap my head around sharing a space with another person.
but it recently occurred to me that we won't just be sharing a space, but we'll be sharing everything.
that means pairing down what we already own. afterall, it's not practical to have two desks with two computers in a teeny one bedroom apartment.
but how do you decide who's beloved things have to go?
and what about other things like closet space? i need way more than the regularly provided closet space in a one bedroom for just my clothes, and now i'm supposed to squeeze in another person's wardrobe?

i mean, let's just be honest... sharing is hard!

any helpful advice or handy tricks for a girl who hasn't had to share in 10 years?


  1. sharing is hard!
    this reminds me of the scene in friends when monica says "i have to live with a boooyyyyyy!!!"

  2. It's not easy, I'll tell you that. I've always thought (known actually!) that my things are nicer and deserve to take up all the space in our house... BUT alas, once we got married, I had to divy up some of the storage! I recommend under-the-bed zippable bags to hold all the out-of-season clothes that neither of you is currently wearing. That'll free up some closet/dresser space.

    Not sure what else to say. I have to live with a Darth Vader alarm clock on the bedside table! But I've made the kitchen and living room as pretty as I possibly can...

    Good luck! It'll be hard work, but worth it :~)

  3. oh man, that's not a part of life i'm looking forward to. i love my personal space, no matter how much i love the other person, and having a certain space for my writing is important. we'll see how that goes. i wish you the best of luck!if i think of any good tips, i'll be sure to pass them on!

  4. oh dear, this is a toughy - sharing is hard, especially the closet situation. you could always get a dresser to store extra clothes and make room for him in the closet.

  5. hi kim just wanted to say thanks for keep visiting my blog i hope you are well and i will let u know how ghana is. with love

  6. Sharing closet space is definitely hard! Luckily my apartment has two closets in the bedroom, one for me and one for him! It works, even though mine is always full and I end up having to put a few things in his closet :)

    Good luck though! It sounds hard but you'll figure everything out, trust me.

  7. Oh, and definitely take advantage of dressers and nightstands, they really help with storing the clothes that won't fit in the closet!

  8. Sharing is TOTALLY hard. Lucky for me my hubby is pretty much cool with whatever.

    Except. His dad gave us this stupid leg lamp for Christmas. You know, the one from A Christmas Story. It's a joke in their fam. And hubby loves it! So it's in our second bedroom. So embarrassing.

  9. Oh, I just moved in with my boyfriend about a month ago and am still getting used to sharing!

    I too, had the closet issue. I got some of those vacumn seal bags to store clothes in, tuck them under the bed! They work wonders! I also, got a over the door shoe rack for my shoes, so they didn't take up shelving or floor space!

    Good luck! Roll with the punches and figure it out as you go, that's what I've been doing! :)

  10. Man, you know when I moved in with my boyfriend I expected it to be really hard but everything sort of meshed. It came really naturally and I'd done all this worrying for no reason! best of luck, love! ♥♥

  11. It won't be easy, but communicate lots and put tons of thought into your choices and you'll come up with a plan you'll both be content with :)

  12. I took up all of our master bed closet and half of the guest room's. Clearly I'm not good at sharing. Poor hubs. HA!

  13. oh gosh good luck with that! ditto to cheseas comment! hahah

  14. Hi honey. No space-sharing tricks besides - if you don't know where to put it &/or you're not completely in love with it OR it's been a year and it's untouched - CHUCK IT! So speaketh the girl who's moving *again* in two days. From an efficiency to a room. Yup.

    Also - love your blog, sweetie. it's always such a lovely feast for the senses. From one hedonist to another - well done.

  15. As your sister, I think I am qualified to say this....YOU NEVER LIKED SHARING!!! Do you remember how mad you would get when you were 6 and I would move one of your nick-nacks on the dresser....even if ever so slight of a different placement, you would know and be furious that I dared to touch YOUR THING! Yeah, well, that wont work when you are living with Dannon. There will always be things that are just yours or just his, but when you start accumulating possessions together, it makes it easier to share them. And space...well, its only fair to say half is his and half is yours....then figure out what you really want to hang onto to fill that space. Dont worry about it, you will work it out, one way or another (FYI, Casey and I spent close to a year behaving like children before we could share anything nicely). Just know you are making memories you will someday laugh about.