Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ok go!

tonight we're going to see these dreamy boys in concert. swoon!
in honor of tonight, here are some of the songs from their most recent awesome album:

also, thanks to everyone who passed along photographers {or wished me luck}! if anyone else has some suggestions let me know.

happy wednesday!


  1. oh my lantah!!
    thats so awesome! i love them!
    have so much fun!!

  2. hurray! Did they dance? We saw them quite a while ago now and it was definitely on of the most fun gigs we've been too :)

  3. fun! so, I couldn't find your email to respond to your comment but it made me try and remember why I ever read them in the first place (really NOT my normal genre). The first book came out in 1997 and I read it (and the next 3) to my little cousin as his bedtime story when I would babysit! Thanks for inspiring the jog down memory land :)