Tuesday, May 25, 2010

help please!

okay, so dannon and i only have a few months to plan our wedding. we have our location {a big vacation home in the hills above malibu} and my dress. we're also almost done making our paper things ourselves. but the big thing we need to get done is find a photographer.
good photographers cost a fortune and book up way in advance. we aren't getting engagement photos so we would just need someone to hang out with us on the 18th and capture the magic. we also want someone who is comfortable with outdoor, active photos since the whole thing will be a picnic wedding with lawn games and dancing. oh and did i mention we have no money to put into this? so the cheaper the better.

so, do you know anyone in the l.a. area that you could recommend?

we'd sort of like to find someone who has real talent, but who is maybe a newbie photographer, possibly even still in school, that we could help out with their new career or portfolio. we're both still fairly new in our own careers so we hold a place in our hearts for others just starting out.

these photographers, and photo examples, are way out of our price range, but have the style we're going for {casual, artsy, non-traditional}:
shannon nicole smith
simply bloom photography

i figured my fellow bloggers would have a better sense of what photos look pretty and who would be a good choice, since so many bloggers are photographers. so thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have!


  1. oh goodness. i have no clue.. but i'm sure you've been to greenweddingshoes.com perhaps there are some great photographers on there that you can get for a good deal!!
    good luck!

  2. I follow lots of fab blogs (randomly most are either out of NYC or Cali; thats where the cool ppl are for sure!) Anyhow I am not sure the details on this photographer, but she takes fab pics, is in So Cal (I'm pretty sure LA). Anyhow here's her blog... I don't know if she is a pro or not... I feel like she HAS to be, but maybe not!?
    Anyway she's super fun and sweet and always comments on my blog so I like her lots :)

  3. No idea, I only really know about photogs in my neck of the woods. But I'm sure you'll find someone great =-)

  4. I'm seriously racking my brain right now... I will let you know if I think/hear of any photogs in LA!!

  5. I know a couple really really good friends of mine. They're established photographers and may not be your style. But I'm sure they can adapt to your style. One is Jessica Mosher (she's my HS best friend) www.jmhellophotography.com or Lara Solomon (she's my best friend I met in Greece on a bus) www.larapix.com. If you're interested I can let them know. Lara is based in LA, although she moves around a lot and Jessica is based in Riverside.

  6. I love the photos you posted! They are what I would want to. I hope you find someone who will be perfect for you!

  7. Hmmm, good question. I read so many blogs and I'm sure some of them are in Southern California. Let me peruse my blogroll and see if I can come up with anybody.

    Whoever you get, your photos are going to be adorable! Because seriously, how could they not be?

    Just working on my long, rambling post about how much I love LOST. Check in later...

  8. i hope you find just the right one at just the right price!!! wish i was closer to help!

  9. Don't know if you get notified or not about your item making it to the front page of etsy, but your raindrop coffee sleeve totally did!! I took a screen shot of it, but I can't find your e-mail to send it to you!

    Congrats, girl!! Shoot me an e-mail if you want the pic! helloauburnst@gmail.com

  10. eesh good luck honey! Really do hope you find someone.. maybe check out local colleges and photography courses?