Thursday, May 27, 2010


well, it almost tied for best concert ever... the polyphonic spree still has first place. but ok go was pretty damn close.

* confetti guns galore!
* audience participation {we were right in the very front and damian came over to us and let the guy next to me strum his guitar during a song}
* laser guitars {seriously, laser beams shooting out of the ends of their guitars, which were also lined with muppet-type shaggy hair, l.e.d. lights, and scrolling l.e.d. letters}
* lots of interacting with the audience, taking their cameras and taking photos on stage for people, having conversations with us, and damian climbing into the midst of us multiple times.
* did i mention confetti guns? there were LOTS of confetti sprays throughout - so magical {and afterward the teenagers had confetti fights and made confetti angels}.
* enough swearing to warm your heart {sigh...}.
* an accapella performance of "what to do" with handbells.
it was truly one of the most amazing concerts i've ever been to. ok go knows how to put on a great show.

also, the fillmore is an amazing venue - they give away free apples, i've never stood further than a few people from the stage, i've seen up jenny lewis's skirt there, and they have artists create posters for each concert. we've collected some good ones over the years and i can't wait till we have our new home where we can have a concert poster wall.
oh how we'll miss you the fillmore!


  1. wowowowo awesome! I am so excited for you that you got to go! confetti guns, yaya! hahah! and free apples! alright!

  2. ooh i'm glad it was awesome! my stepmom is friends with ok go!!

  3. a concert poster wall is a really great idea! its so nice that they make such beautiful ones worth keeping. sounds like a great concert, lucky you!

  4. fun! my parents and all my aunts and uncles used to go to concerts at the Fillmore all the time! it's still on my list, haven't made it there yet :)

  5. Am embarrassed to admit (yet again) that this isn't a band I know or have ever listened to even! Must do something about that, huh?

    Glad you had such a fantastic time!