Monday, May 24, 2010


last friday night i graduated from grad school with my masters in....

actually, come july 14, when i am completely done with my final semester of grad school, i will have gotten my masters in counseling psychology, and will then be a marriage and family therapist intern - hooray!

since my school only offers graduation ceremonies in may and december, and my program ends in july, we all marched friday and will head back to school next week. so as you can imagine, graduation was not really a big deal to us. maybe we'll throw a huge party in july when we have officially finished.

it was pretty awesome though to get my graduation gift from dannon - tickets to see ok go this wednesday!!! eeee!
what a good man dannon!

hope you all had great weekends!


    how weird is must of been to graduate before you actually graduate.. haha. but congrats nonetheless!!

  2. Congratulations!! I did the same thing - my master's program was an extension of my undergrad teaching program. So I graduated from undergrad, only to take 3 full time semesters of graduate courses to get my final certifications. Lame, but still cool to walk down that big ol' isle with thousands of other grads. I still need to finish my masters (3 classes!!) but since I'm working and now job hunting agian, it's put on hold.

    Anywho - congratulations, girl! Have fun at the concert!

  3. yayaya congratulations! I LOVE Ok Go! That will be such a great concert and so much fun! Oh! So guess what? I totally thought of you this weekend when I saw this super cute light-weight scarf on sale and got it!! It was only $1.29 (orig $24) and now I can rock the san fran style too! I am not 100% sure what to wear it with (I'm in NC so normally we all just wear scarves w/ our winter coats haha) so if you have some free time, could you post a "How To..." on rocking the scarf? like do I double it up? throw one side behind me? tie a bow? haha

  4. congratulations on fake graduation!! at least you had an awesome dress to wear??

    july will be here before you know it!!

  5. okay that picture of you holding the black diploma is too stinkin' cute! congrats little lady! sounds like life is going a-ok for you :)

  6. congrats on pre-graduating! :) one of my college roommates is doing the same type of grad program and finishes up soon too, I know how much work you must have put into it!

  7. Ohhhhh Congrats!!!! ....well halfway anyways. :) I can't wait to be done with my Masters and have my nights back!!!! Good for you, and what an awesome concert! LUCKY!
    PS-im having a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful carafe :)

  8. Congrats Kimbirdy :)

  9. Dammit! I knew I forgot something! This is the reason I need to get a smartphone.

    So for your actual graduation I'll do something mega-awesome.

  10. you look BEAUTIFUL!!! congratulations!!!!!!!!

    i know where i'll be turning to on this bumpy road to marriage ;)