Friday, May 28, 2010


it's been awhile since i stopped and appreciated all the wonderful things happening. and this week there were plenty! in no particular order, here's what i'm grateful for this week:

* not having any classes!
* having some beautiful goodbyes with my clients.
* literally running into jemaine clement from flight of the conchords when shopping in the mission yesterday.
* cuties ice cream sandwiches
* how ridiculously easy it has been to plan our wedding {especially with only a few months to do so - a very pleasant surprise}
* finally getting my loan money in {no more ramen! no more fretting! no more sitting with the homeless in the park to get used to my future way of life!}
* of course i have to add the super fun ok go concert dannon took me to as my graduation present - of course!
* getting back into an exercise routine {i can't wait to beat dannon at arm wrestling - then i can win arguments by challenging him!}
* having time to catch up on all the stuff i put aside during the last few weeks of school.

what are you most thankful for this week?


  1. First off, love that picture! You both look so happy. :)

    Second, I love reading your posts because they always put out a positive message. Glad you had a great time at the concert and that wedding planning is going so smoothly!

  2. aww i love these lists! and i LOVE cuties. hehe I'm currently excited /thankful for an extra long weekend. yippy!! has been a long week.

  3. Hurrah for no classes, ice cream sandwiches, wedding planning with ease, a little bit of cash, and for you and Dannon being oh-so-adorable!

    Happy Long Weekend to you, Kim. No doubt you'll come up with something fab to do!

  4. i am thankful for the weekend, my friends, family, sweet potato fries, smoothies and sex and the city 2 TONIGHT! woohoo!

    have a great weekend little lady!

  5. Oh my gosh, you met Jermaine!?!?! That's so rad! Was he nice/cool in person? I LOVE FOTC!!! You and your boy look very cute in that photo btw. :)

  6. Sounds like tons of stuff to be thankful for!

    I'm thankful I'm at the lake this week =-)

  7. I am so glad everything is going well with your wedding planning! I will pray that the rest of the planning goes just as smoothly! By the way, your ring is absolutely gorgeous. I awwed when I saw it ;) Your lists make me happy, and I can't wait to hear more about the wedding/wedding planning! :)

  8. Two smart, talented, beautiful daughters, wonderful grandkids, fantastic son in-law, and a new fantastic son in-law on the way. That sums it up pretty good for me.
    Love ya Kim.