Wednesday, April 14, 2010

you can edit, you can edit...

remember how i said this was going to be an awesome week because one of my classes was ending? well, that's still true. but first i have to do some major editing of my lit review and prepare for professional discussions with psychologists from around the bay area who will be coming to our literature review expose, which i affectionately call "psych-con" - oh how i love to geek out on psychology! :) it seems like all i've been doing this week is editing. which is wonderful, really. it's just that i am sick of my paper at this point and ready to be done.

my salvation has been this pretty french music by coeur de pirate, which has been keeping me company like a dear old friend. have a listen.

and speaking of music and wonderfulness... tonight dannon is taking me to a thom yorke concert at the gorgeous fox theatre!!!! AHHHH!!!! i am so unbelievably excited. and yes, i'm sure you'll hear all about it tomorrow. . . and possibly for the rest of my life. best day EVER!


  1. Ha! I love the "Lets eat grandpa." Awesome.

  2. Let's eat grandpa. Hilarious!

    You know how strongly I feel about proper punctuation!

    Have a wonderful time tonight! Whenever will you fit in LOST?

  3. i love the music you posted! It's so soft and pretty.

  4. haha...thats so true. sometimes we just tend to ignore such minute details. Interesting blog.

  5. thanks for the introduction to coeur de pirate! so lovely. can't wait to hear about the thom yorke show, that's so cool!

  6. i like the music you've posted ,never heard them before :)