Thursday, April 15, 2010

best. concert. EVER!!!

oh thom yorke! so talented, so amazing, so dreamy!
...i'd like to thom his yorke!

dannon, being the good man that he is, managed to wrangle us some tickets to atoms for peace for our 3 year anniversary. our anniversary is actually a couple weeks away {i can never actually remember the exact date, making me the most awesome girlfriend in the world}, but since our relationship is built on a good foundation of amazing concerts, and since dannon knows thom yorke is my heroin {and #1 on my top 5 celebrity freebie list}, we decided to celebrate last night.

the concert was at the amazing fox theatre in downtown oakland. if you ever have a chance to see a show there - do it! it's the most amazingly beautiful theatre, and small so it's easy to get perfect views of musicians from anywhere {that's vital for a 5' shorty like me!}.

atoms for peace is thom yorke's band {the brilliant mastermind behind radiohead}, made up of flea {the bassist from red hot chili peppers}, the drummer from beck & r.e.m., another incredible percussionist, and thom yorke's producer. it's kind of a random mix of people, but together, they were oh so amazing!

some of my favorite parts were:
flea playing a melodica {in the crazy, epileptic siezure-type dancing way he plays his bass}
thom dancing [insert long dreamy sigh here]
thom playing a live version of "like spinning plates" {a song that is actually another one of his songs backwards - look it up, it's amazing!}
the very cool light tubes hanging above the stage
experiencing a real enchore!
you know how all musicians plan their enchores? well, yes they did their planned enchore. then the house lights came on, the house music started playing, and the roadies started taking mics and instruments away. but no! we weren't having it. we wanted more. so we cheered and clapped and generally caused a raucus. until finally, the roadies brought mics back out, and then instruments, and then the band! the next couple songs were totally unplanned. there were no fancy stage lights, the band had to discuss before each song so they knew what key, and they just jammed for us like the talented musicians they are:
here are a couple more pictures from the evening:

and here we are at the very end - happy and swooning!
i've been to a lot of mind-blowingly good concerts, but i'm gonna have to say this is number 1. there are still a couple bands on my "must see before i die" list, but really, after last night, i feel pretty complete in life.


  1. awww, what a sweet boyfriend!! what's a celebrity freebie list? is it what i think it is ;) ... ps i saw sia last night at the regency ballrm (also was a great concert) - not sure if you know of her.

  2. Can I just say how unbelievably jealous I am? I will not die happy until I see this exact concert (preferably in that theater!). Your boyfriend is hereby declared as perfect.

    OMG. SO amazing!!!!!!!! I love Thom.

  3. Wow, real encores are a rare treat, and the mark of true musicians. Lucky you.

  4. yay for mind blowing concerts :) This one really does sound epic. And that theatre! v.jealous.

  5. So glad you had such an amazingly fantastic time! You deserve it.

    And can I just say that you and Dannon are adorable together? The perfect pair.

  6. That theatre is AMAZING first of all! Second, I'm so glad you had such a good time!

  7. So glad you had a good time at the show! We have a Fox theatre in Atlanta, and it is GORGEOUS! Hunter and I saw Wilco there. Amazing show.
    BTW- We just posted a giveaway on our blog! Check it out!

  8. I love it when you have a truly fabulous experience at a concert! You guys are adorable.