Monday, April 12, 2010

much love monday!

happy monday everyone!
what?! i included "happy" and "monday" in the same sentence?!
that's right kids, cause things are looking up.

i had an amazing weekend that included the most amazing meal of my life on a fancy date with dannon at pulcinella {tortellini stuffed with porcini mushrooms in a mushrooms sauce and white truffle oil - pure heaven in my mouth!!!}, and quality time with some new friends, and a, um, well, fancy commode with a heated seat that washes and dries you with the push of a button {yup, i'm blogging about a toilet... but really, you all should be so lucky to experience that kind of luxury}.

and today?
well, it's a lovely monday because one of my classes ends this week, providing me with LOTS more time to live and relax and plan for things {which shall remain nameless for the time being}!

because i'm feeling so happy, i wanted to finally play along with anna's much love monday. so here is my lovely picture of a heart from one of my art journal pages.

and one thing that i love?
well, does a boyfriend count as a thing? because i am pretty overflowing with love for him...
but just in case that doesn't count, an actual "thing" i love is that picture of the two of us. it was taken on easter and is just so bright and fun and cheery!

so what do you love today?


  1. thank you for your Much Love Monday post! That photo is so sweet :)

  2. awww how sweet!!! What a fun weekend!

  3. yey what a wonderful post!

    today i am loving the daffodils in my garden because i am reminded that its springtime :) and all the blossom around....

    happy monday xx

  4. Hurrah for Happy Mondays!

    Your post has made me smile, Kim. (and I giggled even when I read about the commode) Thanks for that. What a nice way to start the day! (that and some tasty tea in my Sawyer mug!)

    Looking forward to hearing about your plans (the ones that shall remain nameless... oh dear! Kind of reminds me of Voldemort!) and hope you enjoy a wonderful sunshiney week.

    xo E

    PS: You and Dannon are, quite simply, adorable.

  5. How fun and sweet! I love your blog!
    Today, I love all the good people I know.

  6. aww this is so sweet! this makes me want to do a much love monday post! i love her blog :)

  7. I love the 80 degree weather with low humidity and sunshine on my face. I love reading your blog and laughing at the funny things you write about. It makes my day complete. I miss you.

  8. oh this is so wonderful!
    that photo is so sweet!!
    love this post!!! made me smile!!