Wednesday, March 3, 2010


do you remember when i posted OK Go's music video for this too shall pass? it was great {OK Go are famous for doing incredibly difficult and creative music videos all in one take}, but apparently they wanted more. here's their second video which is pretty much the most amazing thing i've ever seen {thanks larry!}.

can I please have a giant warehouse full of random crap and an unlimited amount of time {oh, and throw in the dreamy boys from OK go too}?


  1. i just watched this new video last night - so incredible!!

    (although i still think the marching band is pretty sweet)

  2. Ok Go is the coolest!!!! I love to work out to them, they get me all inspired! And their videos make their music even better! Thanks so much for posting this video, I hadn't seen it yet!!!

  3. I LOVE OK Go. They're totally awesome and they do such cool videos.

  4. amazing! My friend was there when they were making this video. She has some of it on her iphone ;)

    how does ok go always come up with the coolest videos?! so awesome.

    and i'm seriously dying over the fact that your friend John is not only friends with Sufjan but also tours with him?!!? i was in class when i read it and i just gasped!! everyone looked at me strangely but i didn't care. and YES!! done. and done!! i'll forever be indebted to you!!!

  6. Just saw this earlier today. Its amazing amazing amazing :)