Wednesday, March 24, 2010

she & him

that's right, the new she & him album {volume two} came out yesterday and it's so good! npr is streaming the whole thing, if you haven't heard it yet. dannon and i will be going to their concert at the fox theatre in oakland when they come in may. i can't wait!!!

there's also this adorable music video from the new album. zooey knows how to do the whole school girl thing the cute and classy way {that's right britney, i'm talking to you}.



  1. omg, could she get any cuter? so amazing! xox

  2. I love them - such beautiful music.

  3. I absolutely adore Zooey! I'm glad someone else I follow in the blogging world knows her awesomeness, too. She's so talented, and yes, classy. One of my favorite traits.

  4. I must have been living underneath a rock because I did not know zooey was singing haha. Oh but wow, this clip is oh so adorable!
    thanks for sharing. Love your blog & am now a followe :)


  5. this is so great! the video made me laugh out loud! also loving your new blog header, my dear.

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  7. AH YES!
    i love she&him. and that music video is simply the cutest!
    i can't believe npr is playing the whole thing! i must get on that! hah!