Thursday, March 25, 2010

Awards from Blogposts Past

here's my other award that i am completely late in sharing. the very lovely krysten from After 'I Do' gave me this little award back in january and i think it's such a fun one.
the rules are to list 10 things that make me happy.
JUST 10?! okay, i'll try...

Happiness to me is:

1. when really old-school songs come on the radio taking me WAY back {thank you Run D.M.C.!}

2. catching the green flash at sunset over the ocean

3. the very end of saturday night live, during the credits, when everyone hugs and high-fives and celebrates with each other

4. new magazine day

5. a perfectly clean house

6. getting to wear sundresses and flip flops outside in the sunshine

7. daffodils! daffodils! daffodils!

8. Katie, the most creative girl in blogland
9. waking up really early and realizing i can sleep for two more hours before i need to get up

10. the fact that even though dannon is much taller than me, our arms are the perfect lengths for hand-holding

i feel happier just thinking about those happy things!
here are a few of the blogs that make me happy:
dori the giant
triumphs and blunders of a kooky gal
little reminders of love
smiles from mel
pughs' news
hannah and hunter's blog
make sure you check them out!

what makes you happy?


  1. this is such a great happiness list... #1, so true. that can just make my day. and #2 oh how I wish to live near the ocean again...

  2. Oh happiness lists - they're wonderful. Loved yours lady!

  3. You make me happy! Thanks for including me in your list...

    Must reply to your Richard-related email. Oh My God! I don't even know where to begin...

  4. You've made my day! I agree that being able to hold hands comfortably in one of the simple joys. :)

  5. Happiness for me? A blank notebook and a handful of pens. Iced coffee on a warm day. Good music (occasionally some country just hits the spot), and friends that make me laugh. Constant encouragement from a wonderful boy and the brilliant faith in things that meant the world to me. :] I love your happy list! And thanks for posing that question, making my own list just made me happier, too!

  6. aww, such a great happy list! my girlfriends, silly tv shows, magazines, tea ... all make me happy!!

  7. congrats on the happy! i am right there with you on #5 and 6!

  8. great list! as for #3...i've always wondered if that was real. it looks so cheesy when they hug like they didn't just see each other 2 seconds ago. haha!

  9. CONGRATS on the award! you deserve it!
    and i love katie's blog! i get so excited when she updates because she is just so creative and happy!
    thanks for passing along the award!!

  10. aww thanks for including me here. :)

  11. Congrats on the award! Plus yay for you giving it to Anna!