Tuesday, March 23, 2010

los angeles

l.a. was such a blast! we roamed around to a handful of neighborhoods we wanted to check out - echo park, silverlake, los feliz, santa monica and venice. we ruled out los feliz and santa monica. both of these places were way too commercialized for our liking. although, los feliz was pretty cool and we'd probably hang out there if we lived in silverlake or echo park.

the thing is, after living in san francisco, we really hate living in places with chain stores/restaurants, or where we'd have to drive everywhere, or where there are no corner coffee shops, lounges, etc. so we were really attracted to echo park, silverlake, and venice, all of which have a unique, artsy, small neighborhood feel. exactly what we're looking for!!!

my absolute favorite was venice. oh how i LOVE venice! it felt so much like san francisco, we just felt at home. everyone rode bikes, there were adorable cottages, awesome restaurants, funky shops, and amazing coffee shops {intelligentsia is the l.a. version of ritual, for all you san franciscans}! there was a pleasant mixture of hipsters and hippies {it felt like a combination of hayes valley, haight street and valencia street}. and venice is where i brushed elbows {literally... we passed on a skinny sidewalk} with danny pudi, the guy who plays abed on 'community.' that was our only celebrity sighting for the weekend, although we did pass 3 movie shoots.

we also explored various other neighborhoods, hung out with my cousin, and spent time with two of our best friends ever {can't wait to live near them again!}.

and now, some pictures!


los feliz

west hollywood

{giant celebrity homes}
santa monica

venice beach

venice canals

{where my best friend brian is the programming producer}

eagle rock

i'm still pretty sad about leaving san francisco {it will always have my heart!}, but after this weekend i'm so excited about the possibilities for a new home.
... even if that means i have to drive again {scary death!!!}.


  1. I love the pictures of Venice! Those canals are gorgeous!

  2. ... jealous. I want, nope, I need a trip to the west coast. It looked like you had a great time!

    Note to self, must make time to plan a trip to LA.

  3. love the pictures. such gorgeous places. venice really does look like, well, venice!!! that would be my fave too. glad you had a grand time.

  4. venice beach sounds awesome! Thanks for this post! There is much more to LA than many people think!

  5. Oh my gosh love the pics! Looks like so much fun!

  6. It looks amazing. I am so excited for you!!!

  7. oh wow all of these photos are so incredible!!
    it makes me want to go to california SO BAD!!
    p.s. are you singing?! if so thats AWESOME!

  8. wow... sounds like fun. i really like that sculpture you are standing under it is giving me ideas for another building concept. Oh, my Architecture contest entry is due on friday! I'll upload some pictures so you and Dannon can see what I've designed this year.

  9. oh what a fun trip! i haven't been to LA in so long... but you're moving?!

  10. hey that's my house! and my hot wife! can't wait to have you living nearby too. i can give you driving lessons again, if you want. :)