Wednesday, March 31, 2010

miss kimbirdy's neighborhood!

now that i've decided to move, i've begun to get nostalgic about the littlest things around me. i've lived in san francisco for the past 5 years and this place has felt more like home than any other place i've lived. i'm going to miss it so much!
so i thought i would share some of the little things i've been noticing in my neighborhood:

pretty trees!
old-timey cars.
a pretty garage near haight street.

my local library....unfortunately closed for repairs, but still the cutest in the city.

i see these guys all over. it's such a clever business idea.

the pretty panhandle, a mere 2 blocks from my front door.

a giant teepee in a neighbor's yard {view through a hole in the fence}.

my neighbors recently repainted their window to look like a piet mondrian painting.

when i first moved into my apartment this was a bar-stool store and a giant parrot lived in the garage. then plant it earth took over and commissioned a gorgeous mural. i watched the hipster artist paint that over the course of months and it was so exciting to watch the process as it developed.

okay, that's all for now.
thanks everyone for humoring me as i go through the bittersweet process that is moving! now i'm going to sip some tea and remind myself of all the wonderful things
i'll love in my new neighborhood {whatever that ends up being}.

what do you love about your neighborhood?


  1. i love san francisco. i love my neighborhood because i get to watch the cable car go by, the people sitting outside the cafes, the dog park, the pretty buildings, the view of the bridge

  2. Awesome! San Fran truly is amazing!

  3. I've always wanted to visit SF, it looks so quirky and cool :) your pictures are fab :)
    im sure your new place will be awesome though :)

  4. i adore your neighborhood... so many interesting and beautiful things. my neighborhood... well there's barking dogs and crazy kids, but i'm thankful we have a home to live in!

  5. aww, these pictures are great! i absolutely love the city! and my cute neighborhood! i love that i can walk everywhere :) when are you moving?!

  6. I love my neighbourhood for its bloomy cherry trees, its quiet streets, its close proximity to not one but two Starbucks, its walking trails and lakes and parks for my kids to play in. I love that there's a lady at the end of my street who decorates her house for every single holiday...

    Your neighbourhood looks lovely. But I bet your new one will be pretty fab too. After all, you'll be living there!

    Oh and can I just say... that is the biggest mug I've ever seen in my entire life! Not sure how you're going to manage to SIP tea out of that. Gulp seems like a more appropriate word! ;~)

  7. i love san francisco so much! having so much beauty and culture must make moving to a new neighborhood that much more difficult. i know i walk around town thinking, i'll miss that and that and oooo, especially that! speaking of that, how are your moving plans going?? i'm finding them daunting but oh-so-exciting.

  8. wow cool huge cup! Haha I love my neighborhood just because I can walk across the street to target, the fresh market, panera, cold stone... or a park! nothing nearly as cool as san fran, but nice for nc :) usually in this area you have to drive a few miles to get to any single of the above stores.

  9. Those are beautiful photos! I've never been to SF, but always wanted to visit!

    I love the small town feel of my city, it's homey :)

  10. WOW! You live in a beautiful and FABULOUS neighborhood! LOVE the pics!

  11. I wouldn't mind living in your neighborhood. It's very pretty and it looks peaceful to me.
    ☮.♥.✮ ☀..✈

  12. Your new neighborhood rocks lady! LOVE those gorgeous trees!

  13. such pretty pictures!!

  14. That looks beautiful! Where are you moving to next (still in San Fran?)

  15. lovely pictures and places...
    i love my neighborhood too... its equally interesting... maybe i should do a post on my neighborhood on my blog

    stop by sometime :)