Tuesday, March 30, 2010


one of my favorite bloggers ever, the lovely erin from pughs' news, has started her own beautiful tumblr page, j'adore!

it's full of so many amazingly dreamy photos.

instant happiness for all occasions!


thanks to everyone for your well-wishes yesterday! i really took it easy.
here's how i did on my get healthy to-do list:
drink gallons of water? check.
take those vitamins and airborne? check.
pee every 15 min? for sure check.
sleep for 13 hours? check, and please don't hate me.
laugh till i fall out of my chair watching old SNL episodes on netflix making me overwhelmingly happy and all those icky germs annihilated? check and check!

and a bunch of you asked where I got the blue dress from my last post. it's actually a dress i ordered from lulu's, one of my favorite stores. i've spent a dangerous amount of time on that website, so be careful! : )


  1. dreamy photos for sure! I love every single one of them and enjoyed her new site so much.

  2. I LOVE all these images! I wish my life reflected these more often. definetly something to inspire to.

  3. Ooh, thanks for featuring my tumblr page. It is my new guilty pleasure... I'm on there all the time! Just so many pretty pictures to find and share... Glad you like it.

    PS: You're one of my favourite bloggers ever, too!

    PPS: LOST tonight. Can't wait!!!

  4. I love all of the photos so beautiful. I hope that you are feeling better ;)

  5. 13 hours of sleep?? You are one lucky gal, that is just awesome. I would definitely want to have that much sleep.

  6. those pictures are beautiful!
    And yes, Time Traveler's Wife was amazing!

  7. oh these photos are amazing! :) And Lulu's was started in my home town - Chico. Now it's only online (boo) but that was my favorite boutique in jr high/high school !!

  8. o, wow! i could not pick a favorite picture from those.. they are all amazing and made me feel really happy just look at them.

  9. Erin certainly has an eye for the best pictures doesn't she and we seem to spend most of our Tumblr time reblogging each others pictures!

    She has recommended I take a trip to your lovely little blog today and it looks fab.

    Hope you are soon feeling 100% yourself again.


  10. j'adore is amazing - what gorgeous pics! they are all my favorite. so glad you are feeling much better!

  11. so many beautiful pictures!
    My favourites are of the yellow house and the girl with her book :)
    Thank you for sharing!

  12. Oh Erin...she's fabulous. Looking at these is like going on vacation alone, a little guilty pleasure of mine :)

    PS your hair is divine in that blue dress photo.

  13. she has such a dreamy heart, of course Erin's tumblr would be nothing less of magical :)