Thursday, April 1, 2010

easter?... ! and other holidays today

how did it escape me that this weekend was easter until today?! oops! so i don't have anything planned for this weekend yet {yet!}, but i will have a little something special for you tomorrow in honor of easter.

also, happy april fool's day!
i briefly considered playing a horrible/hilarious april fool's joke on all of you on my blog, but i just didn't have the brain power to think up something good {yet another example of what grad school does to a person}. but i hope you all play some pretty awesome pranks and avoid utter embarrassment today.

good luck out there!

and happy birthday to one of my best friends ever - devon!

he's that handsome fellow next to me on the piano {and yes, i do play the shofar}. the last time i got to see him was two summers ago when dannon and i backpacked through the southwest national parks.

which brings me to what i like to call "good idea/bad idea: the southwest national parks edition."
good idea: hiking the cool-watered narrows at zion nat'l park in the dead heat of august. bad idea: getting out of the car for any reason whatsoever at death valley nat'l park in the dead heat of august. i'm pretty sure i felt my brain liquefy.

anyway, it's been far too long since i got to hang out with devon, where we could tell each other in person "you're fired" and "you're a dirty whore" and other wonderful things like that. he's an amazing organist and rock-climber extraordinaire, oh and the quickest "your mom" joke teller in the west!
happy birthday friend!

have any awesome april fool's day stories?
i would love to hear them!


  1. This JUST happened in my office... pretty funny! So a director has been here for like 20 years and he will be retiring next week. The girls who sit near him put together this phony letter on official stationary, stamped it as confidential, and wrote a well-worded letter stating that due to budget cuts retirement will not be paid out until 2011. When he opened his mail today he stormed into his boss's office (who was in on it) and he got no sympathy. He went back to his office, slammed the door and was going to call the ceo of the health system we work for lol. Then everybody started laughing and ran in and opened his door. Kind of mean, but a good joke!

  2. I'm horrible at April Fool's jokes. I just hope no one plays one on me!

  3. It was sort of a tradition in my family to put a rubberband around the "sprayer" handle at the kitchen sink. That way whenever someone turned on the faucet in the morning they would get sprayed!

  4. well, darn... i didn't fool you! :) ooh, hiking sounds so fun. but melting my brain doesn't. i think it's totally cool that you play the shofar.

  5. happy april fools day!!!!! woop woop! and happy birthday to your dirty little whore devon!

    wait what? that joke was just between you two?? oh oops.